Season 13

Episode Guide

Untucked - Big Opening #1

S13 E1
Jan 7, 2022
Part 1 of the split premiere. Seven queens untuck and kiki about their performances in the first Maxi Challenge. Sisterly bonds build, as they discuss the art of drag and the trouble with first impressions.

Untucked - Big Opening #2

S13 E2
Jan 14, 2022
Part 2 of the split premiere. Seven new queens untuck and hash out the struggles of their first week in the competition. After hearing the others' stories, one queen shares how her drag journey is different from theirs.

Untucked - A Pair Of Balls

S13 E3
Jan 21, 2022
With all the Season 14 queens together for the first time, the kiki heats up and cracks in the sisterhood begin to show.

Untucked - She's A Super Tease

S13 E4
Jan 28, 2022
This week's Maxi Challenge has the queens in their feelings as they discuss the week's placements. Emotions run raw, putting their sisterly bonds to the test.

Untucked - Save A Queen

S13 E5
Feb 4, 2022
Queens from seasons past return to Untucked to kiki with the Season 14 queens and give them advice on life after the competition. Safe queens question how they can break through to get the judges' attention.

Untucked - Glamazon Prime

S13 E6
Feb 11, 2022
Tensions run high after an unconventional runway gets some of the queens in their feelings. A kiki with guest judge Taraji P. Henson inspires the queens and gets them primed for the lip sync.

Untucked - The Daytona Wind

S13 E7
Feb 18, 2022
The competition strengthens the bonds between the queens. Guest Ts Madison stops by for a little sisterly advice, and one queen reveals a truth she can't keep hidden any longer.

Untucked - 60s Girl Groups

S13 E8
Feb 25, 2022
After spilling their hearts on the runway, the queens bond as they reminisce about their time in the competition. It's an emotional moment as the bottoms discuss the possibility of sashaying away.

Untucked - Menzeses

S13 E9
Mar 4, 2022
A DragCon challenge has the queens baring it all. Guest judge, Nicole Byer, gets everyone roaring with laughter and the fates of two queens have never been so uncertain.

Untucked - Snatch Game

S13 E10
Mar 11, 2022
The queens weigh in on their Snatch Game impersonations. After an emotional video from home and a kiki with Dove Cameron, the queens are ready to face the music.

Untucked - An Extra Special Episode

S13 E11
Mar 18, 2022
The queens untuck and detangle the twist of all twists that left them gagged and snatched back into reality.

Untucked - Moulin Ru: The Rusical

S13 E12
Mar 25, 2022
After the Rusical the queens kiki about their performances and discuss their answers to Ru's most dreaded question.

Untucked - The Ross Mathews Roast

S13 E13
Apr 1, 2022
After serving up their Roast the queens debate the difficulty of being funny. Dulcé Sloan drops in to offer the ladies some savory advice.

Untucked - Catwalk

S13 E14
Apr 8, 2022
In their final Untucked, the top queens discuss making the Catwalk video and reminisce about their time in the competition.