Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Chapter 1

S1 E1
Jul 29, 2022
Colin drops a bombshell on long-term boyfriend Michael. Series premiere.

Chapter 2

S1 E2
Jul 29, 2022
Michael's work nemesis complicates his changing relationship with Colin.

Chapter 3

S1 E3
Jul 29, 2022
Michael joins Grindr and gets intimately acquainted with a new client.

Chapter 4

S1 E4
Jul 29, 2022
Michael's latest encounters with his mother and Colin end disastrously.

Chapter 5

S1 E5
Jul 29, 2022
Michael and Suzanne seek romantic guidance from a new-age healer.

Chapter 6

S1 E6
Jul 29, 2022
Michael worries things may be moving too quickly with new boyfriend Luke.

Chapter 7

S1 E7
Jul 29, 2022
Michael runs into an old flirtation during Gay Ski Weekend.

Chapter 8

S1 E8
Jul 29, 2022
Michael and Colin seek closure at the Jonathans' wedding. Season finale.