Season 1

Episode Guide

Reality Check

S1 E1
Mar 23, 2007
Series premiere. Three stories of failed attempts to realize dreams.

Growth Spurt

S1 E2
Apr 20, 2007
Season 1. People try to positively change their lives through willpower.

The Camera Man

S1 E3
Apr 13, 2007
Season 1. Segments focusing on cameramen, including an animated short.

God's Close-Up

S1 E4
Apr 6, 2007
Season 1. People try to get close to God through pictures in two segments.

My Way

S1 E5
Mar 30, 2007
Season 1. The cost of stubbornness, including a politician who won't lie.

Pandora's Box

S1 E6
Apr 27, 2007
Season 1 finale. Innovations yield surprises in several diverse fields.