Season 1

Episode Guide

The Cowboy Way

S1 E1
Jul 23, 2019
Eight modern-day cowboys and cowgirls train to compete for the first-ever million-dollar prize in horse reining, one of the toughest and most dangerous sports in the world.

Ride or Die

S1 E2
Jul 30, 2019
As the riders prepare for the Cactus Classic, Matt struggles when his horse has health issues, and Abby feels the pressure in her first competition since going solo.

Back in the Saddle

S1 E3
Aug 06, 2019
Leading up to the Run for a Million show, Andrea undercuts Matt's search for the perfect horse, Abby deals with a flooded practice arena, and Craig seeks a much-needed payday.

Texas Showdown

S1 E4
Aug 13, 2019
At the National Reining Breeders Classic, Jason has a chance to prove his skills equal Andrea's, and Cade has to come through in the clutch.

Vegas or Bust

S1 E5
Aug 20, 2019
Abby faces a tough decision, Casey deals with mounting home-construction costs, and the pressure rises as the riders choose the horses they'll take to Run for a Million.

The Run For a Million

S1 E6
Aug 27, 2019
In the first annual Run for a Million in Las Vegas, the riders compete for the first-ever million-dollar purse in horse-reining history.