Season 4

Episode Guide

Million Dollar Stakes

S4 E1
Nov 17, 2023
Top level horse reiners from all over the world have entered into the highly competitive Cactus Classic in Scottsdale, AZ for their last chance to qualify for the biggest event in Reining - The Run for a Million.

The Road to the Million

S4 E2
Nov 24, 2023
As scores hit new heights at the Cactus Classic qualifier, some unexpected players rise up to qualify for the 2023 Run For a Million while other crowd favorites are left behind.

Million Dollar Horsepower

S4 E3
Dec 1, 2023
With The Run for a Million approaching, the qualified riders have to decide which horses they'll show in Las Vegas. At the National Reining Breeders Classic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, riders test out their options and check out the competition.

The Great Equalizer

S4 E4
Dec 8, 2023
This year's Run For A Million includes Cow Horse and Cutting challenges, and the competition is tough. Qualified riders prepare for Las Vegas, where they'll compete for this year's title and try to qualify for next year too.

The Shootout

S4 E5
Dec 15, 2023
The 2023 Run For A Million includes competitions for Cow Horse and Cutting Horse trainers - more riders than ever before arrive to compete to be the next Run For A Million champion.

The Run For A Million

S4 E6
Dec 15, 2023
The 2023 Run For A Million reining competition is finally here. With the biggest competition in reining underway, riders are on edge to see who will be this year's Run For A Million champion.