Season 4

Episode Guide

The Devil Wears Hanes

S4 E1
Nov 5, 2014
Holly plays Cupid for Haskell and Nicki, who want to take things slow, while Stuart plays Cupid for Phil and his high school crush.

The Wedding Unplanner

S4 E2
Nov 12, 2014
Holly lets her own failed engagement burrow its way into representing Nicki in her divorce, while Phil tries to maintain his youth by dating a young coed.

Love And Death

S4 E3
Nov 19, 2014
Holly's search for a husband for the wedding she forgot to cancel leads her to join a grief support group, while Phil develops a lisp right before an important TV appearance.

An Officer and a Dental Man

S4 E4
Nov 26, 2014
A beautiful woman chooses Haskell over Phil, who believes the only possible explanation is that she's a man, while Stuart sleeps with a woman who thinks he's a war hero.

Oh Brother Here Art Thou

S4 E5
Dec 3, 2014
Haskell's estranged brother reappears to ask for a kidney, while Holly mentors a legal-minded teen who enjoys Eden's job more than Holly's.

Dawn Of The Dad

S4 E6
Dec 10, 2014
Holly throws a birthday party for Stuart and Nicki to impress the new guy in town, but Nicki and Stuart's dad shows up and ruins everything.

Catch It 'Cause You Can

S4 E7
Dec 17, 2014
The boys' trip to Akron, Ohio, for a big event honoring Haskell's bowling career gets called off after they're quarantined, while Holly secretly rewrites Eden's college paper.

Requiem For A Dream

S4 E8
Jan 7, 2015
At a charity auction, Haskell wins a police ride-along, Phil scores dinner with his favorite TV mom, and Stuart and Holly get a cooking lesson from a celebrity chef.

Get Her To The Greek

S4 E9
Jan 14, 2015
Holly sneaks into the sorority Eden is pledging to find out why it rejected her in college, while Haskell pretends the apartment is an Airbnb for an attractive tourist.

Holly Franklin Goes To Washington

S4 E10
Jan 21, 2015
Holly introduces the group to her new congressman boyfriend, who is on board with her wedding plans -- but for his own political motives.

A Bride Too Far

S4 E11
Jan 28, 2015
Holly and her congressional boyfriend hit the rocks when a newspaper publishes a scandalous photo of her, and Haskell hatches an app idea, Pee Harmony, but needs an investor.

The Wedding

S4 E12
Feb 4, 2015
Haskell and his business partner, Nicki, strike it rich with Pee Harmony, while single Holly's wedding day finally arrives and she decides to marry herself.


S4 E13
Jul 15, 2015
Back from her honeymoon in Paris, Holly receives Eric, a voice-activated virtual assistant, as a gift and becomes overly attached to it.

Finding Mr. Wrong

S4 E14
Jul 22, 2015
Holly tries to avoid getting attached by dating down, while Haskell throws his success in doubters' faces but stashes his cash in a couch that Stuart donates to Goodwill.

Good Will Hinting

S4 E15
Jul 29, 2015
Stuart recruits Phil to his a cappella group for a big championship, and Holly draws up Haskell's will to protect his fortune but seeks revenge when she's left out of it.

The 40-Year-Old Her-Gin

S4 E16
Aug 5, 2015
Nicki returns from her European vacation with a French female lover, and Holly realizes she's the only woman in the group who hasn't been with another woman.

Haskell Doesn't Live Here Anymore

S4 E17
Aug 12, 2015
After a fight with Phil and Stuart about taking up too much space with his newfound wealth, Haskell moves out, but Holly desperately tries to keep the group together.

Knotting Phil

S4 E18
Aug 19, 2015
Holly presses for more partner responsibility and, as a result, has to fire someone for the first time, while when Phil lands a movie role, sparks fly with his A-list co-star.

10 Things They Hate About You

S4 E19
Aug 26, 2015
Phil calls the paparazzi to his first date with Zoey, and Holly has to bail him out -- on the red carpet -- while Haskell and Stuart see who can get more Twitter followers.

Gone Girls

S4 E20
Sep 2, 2015
Holly and Nicki compete over the same guy -- a handsome dermatologist -- during a girls' night out, and Phil realizes he's basically Zoey's boy toy.

What Dreams May Come

S4 E21
Sep 9, 2015
Stuart buys a restaurant after Holly convinces him to quit his dental practice, while Haskell encourages Margo to finally marry her fiancé to end his alimony payments.

Along Came Holly

S4 E22
Sep 16, 2015
Still in love with Margo, Haskell tries to stop her wedding -- the same wedding Stuart and Holly convinced her to hold at their restaurant.