Season 2

Episode Guide

The Oracle of Porto da Lua

S2 E1
Dec 7, 2023
Galicia. Land of legends. The Envoys arrive at Porto da Lúa to investigate an alleged miracle. But they find a divided town where nobody wants them to succeed in their mission.

The Keys of the Kingdom

S2 E2
Dec 7, 2023
After finding Joaquín Bustamante's body, Salinas has a vision and understands that this town is hiding secrets so dangerous that they don't only endanger their mission: They endanger their lives.

The Lord's Lambs

S2 E3
Dec 7, 2023
Nuno is now the main suspect in Bustamante's murder. His life is in danger. At night, during the town's festivities, the Envoys are the only ones who can save him. If they arrive in time.

Requiescat In Pace

S2 E4
Dec 7, 2023
With the mayor as the main suspect in Joaquin's murder, only the Envoys stand in the Brotherhood's path. But doubts and fears begin to affect them.

Free of Sin

S2 E5
Dec 7, 2023
Pilar is cleared of suspicion, the Brotherhood believes Nuno to be the culprit. First, they must stop Pilar from taking over the fishing industry. Alba is honest with her daughter. A bad idea.

The Lake of Fire

S2 E6
Dec 7, 2023
The public learns who Xiana's true father is. Bernal's rage threatens the town. Meanwhile, the Envoys understand that the cause of everything is in a past they ignore. Nuno is the key.


S2 E7
Dec 7, 2023
The night that the three Nuns lost their sight is the key. To find ou what happened, those who are silent must speak: the three Sisters, the girl who saw the attack against Nuno and Cañola.

The Light in the Darkness

S2 E8
Dec 7, 2023
All cards are on the table. The Envoys try to escape the Brotherhood alive. Pilar puts the town's future at stake. And Bernal is about to lose everything he always fought for.