Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Walk With Your Eyes Wide Open

S1 E1
Dec 11, 2021
Two Vatican officials investigate a miraculous healing attributed to a local priest. Upon their arrival, his mysterious disappearance puts a stop to the investigation.

And the Devil Appeared

S1 E2
Dec 11, 2021
A coincidence casts doubt on Quintana. A witness reveals new information about Valentina's healing. The discovery of a body has similarities with of Salinas' strange childhood.

Christ's Youth

S1 E3
Dec 11, 2021
Local authorities investigate the recent murders. The Vatican puts pressure on the Envoys when they broaden the scope of their investigation, putting their stay in Mexico at risk.

Don't Scream

S1 E4
Dec 18, 2021
The Vatican tries to make The Envoys return while suffering the consequences of investigating Benavent, who reveals his true calling. Molina Reyes discovers a dark secret.

Descent Into Hell

S1 E5
Dec 25, 2021
The Vatican forcers the Envoys to take different paths. Salinas witnesses a particular ritual. Antequera fights to remain in the investigation when he receives a surprising message.

Salina's Trip

S1 E6
Jan 02, 2022
Antequera discovers Quintana's painful past with Adriana and Esteban. Salinas puts Benavent to the test. Antequera and Emilia come up up with a risky plan and Salinas discovers a new talent.

My Name Is Legion

S1 E7
Jan 08, 2022
The Envoys help someone from becomening a new victim. Antequera and Salinas find answers inside the hospice while the main suspect of the murders runs away.

Deliver Us From Evil

S1 E8
Jan 16, 2022
The investigation comes to an unexpected conclusion. The Envoys link Quintana to some healings inside the hospice.