Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Saw You Last Night on The Tonight Show

S1 E1
Oct 5, 2020
The 1970s Comedy Store launched some of the most famous comics of all time.

The Comedy Strike

S1 E2
Oct 12, 2020
The '79 comedy strike was a dark moment, but The Store quickly recovered.

The Wild Bunch

S1 E3
Oct 19, 2020
Sam Kinison and the wild bunch conquer comedy, but Mitzi falls ill.

Joe Rogan Returns

S1 E4
Oct 26, 2020
Joe Rogan returns after a 7-year ban. Podcasters put the Store back on top.

The Birth of a Bit

S1 E5
Nov 2, 2020
The impact of Mitzi Shore's death and the current state of stand-up.