Season 2

Episode Guide

Shocking But Not Surprising

S2 E1
Mar 20, 2017
A look at the debate surrounding the healthcare bill. Season premiere.

Checking and Balancing

S2 E2
Mar 27, 2017
The Supreme Court nomination battle, the healthcare vote and Russia.

How's He Doing?

S2 E3
Apr 3, 2017
Mark Halperin finds out what average Americans think of President Trump.

The Whole World is Watching

S2 E4
Apr 10, 2017
President Trump's military response to the situation in Syria.

Recess Reset

S2 E5
Apr 17, 2017
What do Americans think about how Trump is handling the Syria situation?

The Resistance

S2 E6
Apr 24, 2017
How the Democratic Party is resisting Trump.

Learning Curve

S2 E7
May 1, 2017
What has President Trump learned from his first 100 days in office?

Looking Back and Moving On

S2 E8
May 8, 2017
An inside look at President Trump's first 100 days. Season finale.