Season 8

Episode Guide

The Year of Living Dangerously

S8 E1
Feb 26, 2023
The Circus tracks President Biden's leadership on Ukraine. Season premiere.

Off to the Races

S8 E2
Mar 05, 2023
The Circus examines the unofficial start of the GOP presidential race.

Kevin's House

S8 E3
Mar 12, 2023
The Circus embeds on Capitol Hill to follow a week in the GOP-led House.

Fake News?

S8 E4
Mar 19, 2023
The Circus examines the $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News.

Wheels of Justice

S8 E5
Mar 26, 2023
The Circus examines Donald Trump's legal woes and their political impact.

Nothing but the Truth

S8 E6
Apr 02, 2023
The Circus examines the indictment of Donald Trump. Mid-season finale.