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    S1 E1 Elephant Valley

    Spend an extraordinary day along Zambia's Luangwa River, one of the wildlife wonders of the world. Follow a baby elephant and his family as they search for food and water in the midst of the brutal dry season. Along the way, meet a colorful cast of animals of all sizes, from grazing hippos and basking crocodiles to huge flocks of birds. From sunrise to sunset, the valley bursts with life, making it the ideal destination for spotting some of Africa's most spectacular creatures.

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Tales From Zambia
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Journey to the Luangwa Valley, a pristine wilderness that's home to a magnificent array of animals. Here, predators and prey alike have developed ingenious adaptations to help them overcome blistering droughts and torrential rains. Observe iconic African wildlife like lions and leopards, herds of elephants, massive crocodiles, and tussling giraffes, as well as unsung heroes like hyenas, baboons, bats, and beetles. In this land of extremes, every creature plays a pivotal role in the daily fight for survival.
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Tales From Zambia