Season 6

Episode Guide

A Time To Stand

S6 E1
Sep 30, 1997
Several months after Deep Space Nine was handed over to the Dominion, the Federation is losing the war.

Rocks And Shoals

S6 E2
Oct 7, 1997
The damaged Jem'Hadar ship crashes on a planet. Dax is seriously injured, but kept alive by Dr. Bashir. A group of Jem'Hadar who also crashed on the planet finds them.

Sons And Daughters

S6 E3
Oct 14, 1997
Worf must help his son, Alexander, to learn the ways of a Klingon warrior, while on a ship patrolling for Dominion vessels

Behind The Lines

S6 E4
Oct 21, 1997
Sisko is promoted, and Dax is placed in command of the Defiant. Meanwhile, on Deep Space Nine, now named Terok Nor, Kira must find a way of preventing the minefield from being destroyed.

Favor The Bold

S6 E5
Oct 28, 1997
Odo struggles with his choices between his friends and the Link. Sisko faces a suicide mission in order to reclaim Deep Space Nine.

Sacrifice Of Angels

S6 E6
Nov 4, 1997
Sisko faces thousands of Dominion warships alone in an attempt to regain Deep Space Nine.

You Are Cordially Invited

S6 E7
Nov 11, 1997
Worf and Dax's marriage is threatened when Martok's wife does not welcome Dax into the House of Martok.


S6 E8
Nov 18, 1997
The mirror universe's Bareil attempts to steal the Bajoran orb of Prophecy and Change. Things are complicated when Kira falls in love with him.

Statistical Probabilities

S6 E9
Nov 25, 1997
Bashir is asked to help a group of genetically enhanced people integrate into normal society.

The Magnificent Ferengi

S6 E10
Jan 2, 1998
By orders of the Grand Negus Zek, Quark enlists the help of Rom, Nog, his cousin Gaila, a Ferengi assassin named Leck, and Brunt to attempt to rescue his mother.


S6 E11
Jan 9, 1998
While en route to Gul Dukat's war crimes hearing, the ship carrying them is attacked. Dukat escapes with an injured Sisko and they crash on a planet...

Who Mourns For Morn?

S6 E12
Feb 5, 1998
It is announced that Morn has died and has left his entire estate to Quark. But claiming his inheritance lands him in a web of lies and deceit over the nature of Morn's wealth.

Far Beyond The Stars

S6 E13
Feb 12, 1998
Sisko has visions of himself and his crew as writers for a science fiction paper in 1950's Earth.

One Little Ship

S6 E14
Feb 19, 1998
Dax, O'Brien, and Bashir take the Runabout Rubicon to explore a nebula, where the runabout and its contents shrink to less than 1% of their original size

Honor Among Thieves

S6 E15
Feb 26, 1998
O'Brien is ordered to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate to expose a Federation informant. However, his involvement may lead to the death of his new friend.

Change Of Heart

S6 E16
Mar 5, 1998
Worf is forced to choose between the life of his wife Jadzia, and the success of the mission. (

Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night

S6 E17
Apr 2, 1998
When Gul Dukat reveals to Major Kira that her mother was a comfort woman for him during the Occupation, Kira uses the Bajoran Orb of Time to travel to the past and find the truth


S6 E18
Apr 9, 1998
Bashir falls under suspicion of unknowingly supplying information to the Dominion, however, all is not as it may seem

In The Pale Moonlight

S6 E19
Apr 16, 1998
Sisko and Garak lure the Romulans into the Dominion war in order to get them to join the Federation/Klingon Alliance.

His Way

S6 E20
Apr 23, 1998
Odo uses Bashir's holosuite character of Vic Fontaine to bring himself and Kira closer together.

The Reckoning

S6 E21
Apr 30, 1998
A mysterious tablet is found in the ruins of B'hala, foretelling that "The Reckoning" will soon begin.


S6 E22
May 7, 1998
Nog and Jake are rescued by the U.S.S. Valiant when their ship is attacked by the Dominion while on their way to Ferenginar.

Profit And Lace

S6 E23
May 14, 1998
Thanks to his relationship with Quark and Rom's mother Ishka, Grand Nagus Zek announces that he will allow equal rights for women on Ferenginar.

Time's Orphan

S6 E24
May 21, 1998
While on a nearby planet, the O'Brien family picnic is interrupted when Molly wanders off and falls into a vortex that sends her 300 years into the past. (

The Sound of Her Voice

S6 E25
Jun 11, 1998
The Defiant attempts to rescue Captain Lisa Cusak who has crashed on a planet with high amounts of carbon dioxide, with a limited supply of triox to keep her alive. Meanwhile on the station, Quark attempts to keep Odo distracted while planning an illegal transaction. (

Tears Of The Prophets

S6 E26
Jun 18, 1998
Sisko is ordered to launch attacks against Cardassia and the Dominion. In his absence, Dax is left in command of the station