Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Origins of a Chef

S1 E1
May 15, 2020
How does a bright-eyed sponge get the most coveted fast food job in the town? And what happens when he loses it? Host Kent Shocknek takes us through the rise and apparent fall of one of the greatest patty flippers of our time: SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Nasty Patty

S1 E2
May 15, 2020
Is it really murder if it's an accident? What if it was no accident at all? Host Kent Shocknek takes us through the disturbing events that brought one crab and one sponge to their darkest places.

The Hash-Slinging Slasher

S1 E3
May 15, 2020
What happens when corporate greed pushes employees into danger? What if that danger is... from beyond our world? Host Kent Shocknek takes an inside look at one of the most disturbing haunts in Bikini Bottom history.

The Fry Cook Games

S1 E4
May 15, 2020
There is no event more highly anticipated or prestigious than the Fry Cook Games. Now, host Kent Shocknek takes us through the legendary 21st Annual Fry Cook Games-- one centered around a rivalry that changed the world forever.

The Rise of Eugene Krabs

S1 E5
May 15, 2020
In today's world, business tycoons are essentially gods. It is easy to forget that hidden behind the shell of their riches, they are people too. Kent Shocknek takes us behind the curtain of one of the most infamous industry leaders, Eugene Krabs.

The Making of Sweet Victory

S1 E6
May 15, 2020
While many know of the performance that shocked the world, few know of how it actually came to be. Host Kent Shocknek takes a deeper look at the making of everyone's favorite song, Sweet Victory.

When Sea Creatures Attack

S1 E7
May 15, 2020
There's a host of dangerous sea creatures across the deep blue, but what happens when they're right in your backyard? Host Kent Shocknek gives us a disturbing glimpse of some of the not-so-friendly inhabitants of Bikini Bottom.

A Lobster's Journey

S1 E8
May 15, 2020
Larry the Lobster-- one of the most muscular crustaceans in the entire sea. Some say he can take on any challenge with only half of his strength. Host Kent Shocknek takes a look at what happens when muscles aren't enough.