Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Dec 5, 2005
Season 1 premiere. A Muslim ex-con is recruited to join a terrorist cell.


S1 E2
Dec 6, 2005
Season 1. The cell prepares for an attack inside an L.A. shopping mall.


S1 E3
Dec 7, 2005
Season 1. Darwyn and the others investigate the loss of their funding.


S1 E4
Dec 8, 2005
Season 1. Farik sends a biochemical student to bring anthrax from Canada.


S1 E5
Dec 12, 2005
Season 1. The cell members pose as Iraqi insurgents-in-training.


S1 E6
Dec 13, 2005
Season 1. Darwyn befriends a pesticide plant worker to obtain chemicals.


S1 E7
Dec 14, 2005
Season 1. Darwyn subtly tries to steer an Afghan boy away from terrorism.


S1 E8
Dec 15, 2005
Season 1. The cell buys explosives from a white supremacist militia group.


S1 E9
Mar 8, 2006
Season 1. The cell hijacks a chemical truck in preparation for the attack.

Youmud Din

S1 E10
Mar 15, 2006
Season 1 finale. Darwyn discovers the sleeper cell's true intended target.