Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

New York

S1 E1
Jun 06, 2021
New York goes by "The Big Apple," "The City That Never Sleeps," and a host of other nicknames. But it could also be called the City of Secrets because it has them everywhere...if you know where to look. Join us as we tour this massive metropolis to reveal its hidden history and surprising anecdotes. From the Statue of Liberty's off-limits torch to Washington Heights' boulder of Bennet Avenue to the miles of underground pipes that make up the city's steam system, it's a tour of New York unlike any you've taken before.

San Francisco

S1 E2
Jun 13, 2021
San Francisco is full of art, culture, coastal treasures, and rich history. It's also packed with fascinating secrets, some hidden away and others on full display via unique landmarks that dot the city. Join our team of local experts and historians as they bounce from the Fisherman's Wharf to Chinatown, from Golden Gate Park to Telegraph Hill, and every hilly street in between to uncover remarkable stories about Gold Rush opportunists, CIA drug experiments, a fire hydrant that saved a district, and much more.


S1 E3
Jun 20, 2021
There's one thing everyone can agree on about London: it's old. There's history around every corner, though much of it is unknown, even when it's on full display. Join us as we visit a unique tree dedication on Oxford Street, examine a long-burning lamplight by the Savoy Hotel, and take a ride in one of the city's oddly shaped black cabs to reveal the secret stories these objects hold. From the Marble Arch that migrated to a clock tower that's proudly smudged to a multilingual mosque, enjoy this one-of-a-kind tour of London Town.


S1 E4
Jun 27, 2021
What do pink pipes have to do with Hitler's plan for world domination? How did an enterprising woman combine the Cold War and curry powder into a popular local snack? And was there a body swap on top of the Brandenburg Gate? Berlin is a city full of fascinating yet little-known stories, but if you know where to look, you can spot them hiding in plain sight all over the city. Enjoy a tour of Berlin unlike any other as we explore its famous landmarks, enter its sprawling forest, and sample its favorite wurst, and uncover its hidden history.


S1 E5
Jul 11, 2021
What are Notre Dame's gargoyles guarding? What do five ordinary flagstones have to do with one of the most notorious killing machines ever created? What is the Phantom of the Opera's connection to a statue on the Seine? Paris has one of the richest and most exciting histories of any city in the world but some of its most fascinating stories have been lost to the ages. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind tour as we reveal its many secrets, hiding in catacombs and cathedrals, sidewalks and cemeteries, and along its famous river.


S1 E6
Jul 18, 2021
Singapore is like nowhere else on Earth. It's an island, a city, and a country, full of towering buildings, incredible food, and colorful characters. It is also full of remarkable secrets, hidden throughout its highways, malls, and five-foot ways. Follow a team of local experts as they set out to explore some of the city's most remarkable locations and surprising stories, including a statue inscription that raises eyebrows, city roads that also act as emergency runways, and a mural with a veiled message about the 19th-century opium epidemic.