• Searching for Secrets Season 1

    S1 E4: Berlin

    44M JUN 27, 2021 TV-PG

    S1 E4: Find out what's hiding on top of the Brandenburg Gate and inside Grunewald Forest as we explore Berlin's hidden history.

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Searching for Secrets
Every great metropolis has its secrets, some tucked away in the annuls of history and others hidden in plain sight. From the single golden fire hydrant in San Francisco to the strange shape of London’s black cab to Berlin’s pink pipes, city landmarks often embody unknown stories, some whimsical, some sinister, but all fascinating in their own way. Join us as we journey back in time to uncover buried tales in cities across the globe, following local guides and historians on a six-part journey that is both travel exposé and urban mystery.
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Searching for Secrets