Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Tony Roberts, Dante Nero & Brandon Glover

S1 E1
Jul 11, 2010
Tony Roberts' grandmother is pregnant, Dante Nero thinks it's great to raise kids in a rough neighborhood, and Brandon Glover discovers that his gay uncle sells gay weed.

Mike Vecchione, Calise Hawkins & JJ Williamson

S1 E2
Jul 11, 2010
Tupac inspires Mike Vecchione to do crazy, compassionate things; Calise Hawkins is attracted to thuggish but intelligent men; and JJ Williamson is through with having kids.

Eric Andre, James Davis & Kurt Metzger

S1 E3
Jul 18, 2010
Eric Andre describes being black and Jewish, James Davis is tired of old people joining Facebook, and Kurt Metzger recalls where he was when he found out Michael Jackson died.

Ray Lipowski, Felipe Esparza & Lil Rel

S1 E4
Jul 25, 2010
Ray Lipowski is disgusted with tight clothes, Felipe Esparza was in a car accident with someone who was uninsured, and Lil Rel's father was in a Black Panther-era gang.

Smokey Suarez, Fahim Anwar & Kellye Howard

S1 E5
Aug 1, 2010
Smokey Suarez worries that gay women are taking over, Fahim Anwar reveals his distaste for Biggie fans, and Kellye Howard resents it when men use the F word.

Mark Viera, Rachel Feinstein & Baron Vaughn

S1 E6
Aug 8, 2010
Mark Viera's grandmother knows everybody's business, Rachel Feinstein's date narrates their encounter, and Baron Vaughn will never see Las Vegas the way other people do.