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    Private Lives of the Monarchs

    S1 E1 Queen Victoria

    When most people think of Queen Victoria, they think of a woman that's straight-laced and slightly removed from the empire she presides over. But in truth, the queen was a very passionate woman--witty, rebellious, and flirtatious--who defined the Victorian Age. Uncover details from her private life, from her racy medicine cabinet to her delinquent son's sexual escapades to her alleged trysts with her servants in the years after her beloved Albert passed away.

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Private Lives of the Monarchs
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Their stately portraits hang in museums across the globe, and their collective impact on history fills tens of thousands of textbooks. But what do we really know about these royal figures? We delve beneath the public lives of monarchs such as Queen Victoria, King Louis XIV, and Henry VIII to shine a light on their private lives. By eschewing dates and diplomacy for foibles and fetishes, we reveal the real-life human beings behind the pomp and pageantry.
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Private Lives of the Monarchs