Season 1

Episode Guide

The Case Of The Restless Redhead

S1 E1
Sep 21, 1957
Attorney Perry Mason's attractive client claims she was chased by a hooded man in a car. Now she's wanted for his murder...and hasn't been too honest about her past arrest as a jewel thief.

The Case Of The Sleepwalker's Niece

S1 E2
Sep 28, 1957
When his stepbrother is found dead, a man is charged with murder and is accused of using his sleepwalking as a cover-up.

The Case Of The Nervous Accomplice

S1 E3
Oct 5, 1957
A wealthy woman hires Mason to buy stock in her husband's land company, hoping to force his mistress out. But her plan goes awry when she is charged with murder.

The Case Of The Drowning Duck

S1 E4
Oct 12, 1957
Perry Mason, Della Street and Paul Drake head to a small town to defend a young man who is charged with poisoning a blackmailer.

The Case Of The Sulky Girl

S1 E5
Oct 19, 1957
An impetuous niece who demands her trust fund be released comes to Perry Mason for help. But it's her boyfriend who needs defending when he is charged with murdering her controlling uncle.

The Case Of The Silent Partner

S1 E6
Oct 26, 1957
The owner of a lucrative orchid business is charged with murder after her husband loses shares in the company to sleazy ex-con in a poker game.

The Case Of The Angry Mourner

S1 E7
Nov 2, 1957
There's no rest for Perry Mason. While on vacation at his remote cabin, a woman in the area is charged with the murder of a playboy.

The Case Of The Crimson Kiss

S1 E8
Nov 9, 1957
When a lipstick print is found on the forehead of a murder victim, Mason's client is charged with the crime, even though she and her roommate were poisoned and unconscious at the time.

The Case Of The Vagabond Vixen

S1 E9
Nov 16, 1957
A film mogul discovers that a pretty hitchhiker may be trying to blackmail him. And he has other worries...he's just been charged with murdering his rival.

The Case Of The Runaway Corpse

S1 E10
Nov 23, 1957
A man may be faking his own death after he is diagnosed with arsenic poisoning and his "body" disappears.

The Case Of The Crooked Candle

S1 E11
Nov 30, 1957
Two women show up at a beauty parlor and find out they share the same name, address...and husband. When the supposed bigamist is killed, the way a candle burns becomes a clue to the mystery.

The Case Of The Negligent Nymph

S1 E12
Dec 7, 1957
While on a fishing trip, Perry Mason and Paul Drake pull a beautiful woman out of the ocean. In her possession is a note she found, intended for her employer, accusing him of killing his rich aunt.

The Case Of The Moth-Eaten Mink

S1 E13
Dec 14, 1957
Perry and Della's visit to a restaurant is interupted when a waitress is shot at. After they hide her mink, they discover it contains a pawn ticket that may hold the key to the past murder of a police officer.

The Case Of The Baited Hook

S1 E14
Dec 21, 1957
A bossy woman walks into Mason's office and demands he represent her ward, a young girl who inherited a large sum of money...$80,000 of which is missing.

The Case Of The Fan Dancer's Horse

S1 E15
Dec 28, 1957
When Perry Mason finds some possessions that belong to a fan dancer, he places an ad that several people mistake for a missing horse. Not only does another dancer show up, but so does her husband...dead.

The Case Of The Demure Defendant

S1 E16
Jan 4, 1958
A timid young woman who was browbeaten by her wealthy uncle is charged with his murder. She confesses while under the influence of truth serum, but Perry Mason has his doubts.

The Case Of The Sun Bather's Diary

S1 E17
Jan 11, 1958
A gorgeous woman's trailer was stolen while she was sunbathing, so she asks for Perry's help in finding it. She claims it contains her diary, which details the truthful account of a notorious bank heist.

The Case Of The Cautious Coquette

S1 E18
Jan 18, 1958
While investigation a hit-and-run, Perry Mason meets a model who is being blackmailed by her estranged husband. When the husband shows up dead, our hero suspects the two cases are related.

The Case Of The Haunted Husband

S1 E19
Jan 25, 1958
A girl is picked up by a drunk driver who hits a truck and escapes. When the girl is charged with manslaughter, her best friend plays spy for Perry Mason to find out how a movie producer is involved.

The Case Of The Lonely Heiress

S1 E20
Feb 1, 1958
Detective Paul Drake helps a magazine publisher locate an heiress. But when the publisher is cut out of a deal and a con man is poisoned, the heiress is charged with murder.

The Case Of The Green-Eyed Sister

S1 E21
Feb 8, 1958
A dowdy woman comes to Perry Mason for help. Her wealthy father is being blackmailed, and she's afraid if her fiance' finds out, he'll break off their engagement.

The Case Of The Fugitive Nurse

S1 E22
Feb 15, 1958
The wife of a prominent physician is arrested for drugging her husband, causing him to crash his private plane. But then he turns up alive, living in Mexico with a beautiful nurse.

The Case Of The One-Eyed Witness

S1 E23
Feb 22, 1958
When a woman is accused of killing both her husband and her blackmailer - who were behind an extortion plot - the only witness to her whereabouts is a lady with an eyepatch.

The Case Of The Deadly Double

S1 E24
Mar 1, 1958
After her brother is accused of murder, a schizophrenic woman is put on the witness stand. So Perry cross-examines both sides of her split personality.

The Case of the Empty Tin

S1 E25
Mar 8, 1958
A simple inheritance case turns into murder as Mason's client is found in a locked room, beside a body, with a gun clutched in her hand.

The Case Of The Half-Wakened Wife

S1 E26
Mar 15, 1958
A husband - jealous of his wife's relationship with the hired hand - sets up his own disappearance...only he winds up murdered instead.

The Case Of The Desperate Daughter

S1 E27
Mar 22, 1958
When a man from East Berlin threatens a rancher's wife, the rancher's daughter romances him to protect her stepmother - but is then accused of killing him.

The Case Of The Daring Decoy

S1 E28
Mar 29, 1958
An attractive secretary, spying on an oil executive in order to help his rival, is found murdered. And Perry's star witness is an elevator operator who identifies suspects by their shoes.

The Case Of The Hesitant Hostess

S1 E29
Apr 5, 1958
While defending a client from a murder charge, Perry Mason and secretary Della Street inadvertenlty uncover a crime ring involving dance-hall hostesses.

The Case Of The Screaming Woman

S1 E30
Apr 26, 1958
A powerful newspaper columnist who browbeat everyone around her is murdered. And a book containing the names of innocent pople who could be slandered is now missing.

The Case Of The Fiery Fingers

S1 E31
May 3, 1958
Perry defends a sweet old lady who was nurse to a wealthy woman. Apparently, when the woman died, arsenic was found in the milk she was given just before her death.

The Case Of The Substitute Face

S1 E32
May 10, 1958
While sailing home on a cruise ship, Perry and Della briefly meet an accountant who is later pushed overboard. His wife is accused of killing him, and his daughter has mysteriously disappeared.

The Case Of The Long-Legged Models

S1 E33
May 17, 1958
A series of indentical guns are admitted as evidence in a murder trial. But which one killed a sleazy Las Vegas operator who had the goods on everyone he knew?

The Case Of The Gilded Lily

S1 E34
May 24, 1958
When a blackmailer is found dead, suspicion falls upon three beautiful blondes: the defendant's wife, his receptionist, and his personal secretary who holds a grudge.

The Case Of The Lazy Lover

S1 E35
May 31, 1958
When the ne'er-do-well husband of a wealthy woman is killed, a series of footprints at the crime scene belong to any number of suspects - who all deny having been there.

The Case Of The Prodigal Parent

S1 E36
Jun 7, 1958
A secretary, who was harassed by the boss she once dated, has a solid alibi when he is killed. But his stepfather does not - and his fingerprints are all over the murder weapon.

The Case Of The Black-Eyed Blonde

S1 E37
Jun 14, 1958
An attractive blonde shows up at Perry's office with a black eye and claims the stepson of her wealthy employer did it. But when her roommate is murdered, the police accuse her.

The Case Of The Terrified Typist

S1 E38
Jun 21, 1958
After a woman tries to steal some letters from an office in Perry's building, she masquerades as a temp for Della in order to escape the police. Later, it's discovered that she stumbled upon a murder plot.

The Case Of The Rolling Bones

S1 E39
Jun 28, 1958
An old man seems to be giving his money away, something his nephew and wife try to stop by having him committed. But once he escapes from the sanitarium, he's accused of murder.