Season 3

Episode Guide

Kill Ari, Part 1

S3 E1
Sep 21, 2005
While the NCIS team deals with Kate's death, Gibbs' determination to finally put an end to Ari's (guest star Rudolf Martin) reign of terror mounts.

Kill Ari, Part 2

S3 E2
Sep 28, 2005
Ari (guest start Rudolf Martin) continues to wreak havoc on the NCIS team as he uses its members as pawns in the game he is playing with Gibbs.

Mind Games

S3 E3
Oct 5, 2005
Under order from the Governor of Virginia, a skeptical Gibbs is forced to meet with a serial killer he helped to convict a decade before under the pretense that the killer will tell Gibbs where he hid missing bodies and give closure to the families before his death.

Silver War

S3 E4
Oct 12, 2005
Gibbs and the team are called in when a recently deceased man is found encased in a Civil War-era tomb.


S3 E5
Oct 19, 2005
When a petty officer is brutally gunned down on the freeway, Gibbs and the team discover that the officer had been living a double life.

The Voyeur's Web

S3 E6
Oct 26, 2005
Gibbs and the team investigate the murder of a Marine's wife that appears to have been broadcast over the Internet.

Honor Code

S3 E7
Nov 2, 2005
Gibbs and the team investigate when a 6-year-old boy informs NCIS his father has been kidnapped

Under Covers

S3 E8
Nov 9, 2005
When the bodies of two assassins are delivered to NCIS from overseas, Tony and Ziva assume their identities undercover and engage in a sexy rendezvous at a luxury hotel in order to find their target. Meanwhile, Gibbs discovers that NCIS might not be the only federal agency on the case.


S3 E9
Nov 23, 2005
When a portion of a female body is found at Quantico, the NCIS team investigates and is shocked to discover that all the forensic evidence points to Tony as the prime suspect. As Abby questions her faith in her science and her ability as a specialist, she makes it her personal mission to prove Tony's innocence and find out who is trying to frame him for murder before it's too late.


S3 E10
Nov 30, 2005
When McGee kills a man while on assignment, the NCIS team steps in to back him when they discover the man was an undercover police officer. Meanwhile, Tony gets a troublesome phone call from his past.

Model Behavior

S3 E11
Dec 14, 2005
Gibbs and the team investigate the murder of a supermodel filming a reality TV show on a Marine base. Meanwhile, Director Shepard is annoyed when Gibbs doesn't show up at an awards ceremony where he is being honored.

Boxed In

S3 E12
Jan 11, 2006
Gibbs and the team rush to find Tony and Ziva, who get trapped in a container at a shipyard after seeking refuge from a shoot-out. Meanwhile back at NCIS headquarters, Abby struggles to locate the two agents when the GPS chips in their cell phones show they are out of range.


S3 E13
Jan 18, 2006
Gibbs and the team are called in on a weekend when a Navy Lt. Commander in charge of a shipment of nuclear weapons is apparently abducted.

Light Sleeper

S3 E14
Jan 25, 2006
When the wives of two Marines are murdered, Gibbs and the team are called in to investigate.

Head Case

S3 E15
Feb 8, 2006
The NCIS team is shocked when they discover the severed head of a Marine at an illegal automotive chop shop run by Marines.

Family Secret

S3 E16
Mar 1, 2006
The team investigates the mysterious explosion of an ambulance that is supposedly carrying the remains of a Marine killed in a car crash.


S3 E17
Mar 8, 2006
Gibbs and the team are called to investigate when a group of teens on a nature hike discover Marine dog tags in a national forest.


S3 E18
Mar 15, 2006
Gibbs and the team are called in when a teenage student at a Quantico base high school attaches a bomb to his body and holds his fellow students hostage.


S3 E19
Apr 5, 2006
Gibbs and the team are called in when a couple of kids stumble upon the body of a missing Marine in a frozen lake.


S3 E20
Apr 19, 2006
Gibbs and the team are called in when a Pentagon cryptographer suspected of spying apparently commits suicide. With their prime suspect dead, the NCIS team must uncover whether or not she was the Pentagon's mole. The team quickly discovers evidence that indicates the young woman was not alone when she died. (


S3 E21
Apr 26, 2006
After discovering that a grisly murder scene was staged, the team realizes that Abby was the intended target when some key evidence contaminates her lab and almost kills her.


S3 E22
May 3, 2006
Ziva is in shock when a routine tactic she uses to subdue a suspect might be the cause of his sudden death.

Hiatus, Pt. 1

S3 E23
May 10, 2006
The members of NCIS are distressed when Gibbs is injured in a terrorist explosion while on assignment

Hiatus, Pt. 2

S3 E24
May 17, 2006
As the team tries to track down the terrorists behind the bombing that injured Gibbs, they learn that the terrorist group is planning another bombing of 9-11 magnitude--and that Gibbs has information about their plan. Meanwhile, Gibbs receives a visit from his former boss and mentor that conjures up suppressed memories.