Season 21

Episode Guide

Algún Día

S21 E1
Feb 13, 2024
The NCIS team must help Torres when he puts his future at stake by confronting the man who tormented his family when he was a child.

The Stories We Leave Behind

S21 E2
Feb 20, 2024
As NCIS mourns the loss of Ducky, the agents find comfort in working on one of his unfinished cases involving a woman whose father was dishonorably discharged from the Marines.


S21 E3
Feb 27, 2024
When the NCIS team engages in Walk-a-Mile day to gain a new perspectives on different departments, things take a turn when Kasie receives a distress call from a mysterious man.

Left Unsaid

S21 E4
Mar 5, 2024
The NCIS team is in a race against time to find a missing officer who disappeared during his wedding proposal.

The Plan

S21 E5
Mar 26, 2024
With the help of Knight's dad, NCIS works to unravel the mystery of a recently used service weapon belonging to a missing agent. Also, McGee is in a tailspin when DNA results reveal a close relative he was unaware of.

Strange Invaders

S21 E6
Apr 2, 2024
After discovering a navy pilot's body riddled with unusual wounds, NCIS' investigation draws the team into the rabbit hole of UFO conspiracy theories.

A Thousand Yards

S21 E7
Apr 16, 2024
NCIS comes under attack by a mysterious enemy from the past. Also, Vance tries to mend fences with his estranged son by explaining why, despite the ongoing dangers of his job, he still chooses to stay at NCIS.