Season 4

Episode Guide


S4 E1
Jan 15, 2007
Only 15 years old, Allison considers herself to be jet setter. So for her Sweet 16, she wants to show everyone just how lavish her lifestyle is with not one, but two parties!


S4 E2
Jan 6, 2007
Cher is the rich girl in town and the parties she throws are legendary. Cher knows she has to top everything her friends have ever seen and blow everyone out of the water with her Mardi Gras-themed Sweet 16.


S4 E3
Jan 22, 2007
Stephanie is the ultimate perfectionist and everything in her life has to be EXACTLY how she wants it - including her Quinceaneara. She's pulling out all the stops for her Venetian Masquerade ball.


S4 E4
Jan 29, 2007
Amberly fancies herself a living Barbie and she wants to make sure her Sweet 16 reflects that so she's having a Pink Ice-themed party for which money is no object. Anything Amberly wants, her dad will get her.


S4 E5
Feb 5, 2007
Erin is the daughter of the late rap pioneer Easy E and she's throwing the Sweet 16 she knows her famous father would have wanted her to have.


S4 E6
Feb 12, 2007
Ariel is a daddy's girl who's always dreamed of being a princess. So what better way to celebrate her Sweet 16 than with the most over-the-top and lavish Fairytale-themed bash her Podunk town has ever seen?


S4 E7
Feb 19, 2007
Southern Belle Katie's celebration will be Christmas-themed, complete with a winter wonderland of decorated trees, costumed elves, mountains of snow, and she'll arrive in a horse and sleigh while 600 kids greet her at the door.


S4 E8
Feb 26, 2007
Teyana's a sassy, one-of-a-kind New Yorker who has just been signed to Pharrell Williams'record label so she plans a Skateboard Sweet 16, complete with a 1980's old school hip hop theme to reflect her personality.


S4 E9
Mar 19, 2007
Svetlana is best known as the "spoiled one" from Real World Key West but now she is pushing her RW castmates aside and stepping into the spotlight for her Super Sweet 21.


S4 E10
Apr 2, 2007
Rachel is a Latino/Jewish prepsterm, is an only child who's used to getting everything she wants, and what she wants right now is a Winter Wonderland themed Sweet 16.


S4 E11
Apr 9, 2007
Destiny is former N.F.L. star Ray Buchanan's daughter and for her Sweet 15, she intends do things B.I.G.! Will she show everyone how to throw the most amazing party in history?

Rants & Raves

S4 E12
Apr 16, 2007
In this episode of Sweet 16, Rants & Raves, we catch up with past Sweet 16ers and find out where they are now and hear their rants and raves about their experiences on the show as well as this past season.