Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Worst Best Day Ever

S1 E1
Jul 08, 2016
It's Sam's first day of middle school and things go from good to bad when he learns he's moving up a grade. However, things get even worse when he discovers his older brother Tyler is in the same homeroom.

The Great Cricket Caper/Carpe Duda

S1 E2
Jul 15, 2016
Sam and Tyler compete to catch a cricket and find that sneaking around school can quickly lead to chaos. On a school field trip Sam starts hanging out his new 7th grade classmates which strains his friendship with Glen.

Blazing Pedals/The Chest Hair

S1 E3
Jul 22, 2016
Sam is asked to join his homeroom's bike relay team and he's forced to reveal that he doesn't know how to ride a bike. Sam gains a new confidence when he gets his first chest hair and earns the adoration of his class.

King Sam/Karate Kids

S1 E4
Jul 29, 2016
Sam impresses his new classmates with an epic birthday party, but his extravagance leads to a bill he can't pay. Hoping to earn a spot on a television talent show, Tyler convinces Carter to revive their old martial arts act.

Un Film De Duda/Homeroom Wars

S1 E5
Aug 05, 2016
Sam directs the homeroom's class film and quickly learns balancing everyone's ideas and maintaining his friendships is no easy feat. An argument between Tyler and Sam pushes Tyler to do the unthinkable, join a rival homeroom.

The Fesnki Fun Fair/Club Gigi

S1 E6
Aug 12, 2016
Tyler and Sam try to relive their school glory days by sneaking into their old elementary school fair. Tyler discovers Gigi, Dallas, and Sophia's secret dance club, and does everything he can to prove he's worthy of admission.