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    Legendary Dudas

    S1 E1 The Worst Best Day Ever

    It's Sam's first day of middle school and things go from good to bad when he learns he's moving up a grade. However, things get even worse when he discovers his older brother Tyler is in the same homeroom.

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Legendary Dudas
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Kids' relationships can be tested at times when they don't get a break from their siblings, which is why going to school often provides a welcome break from spending time with each other. That reprieve is taken away from the Duda brothers, 11-year-old Sam and 12-year-old Tyler, when the younger brother unexpectedly skips a grade and ends up in Tyler's seventh-grade homeroom. That changes things at Fenski Middle School when the brothers -- who are very different from each other -- are put in the same classroom. As they go on adventures with their friends, the Duda brothers realize that, despite their differences, they always look out for each other.
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Legendary Dudas