Season 1

Episode Guide

Poo Cocktail

S1 E1
Oct 2, 2000
Johnny Knoxville tests a variety of self-defense weapons, a bound and gagged man runs throughout the streets of Los Angeles in an ill-fitting leopard print G-string.

Blind Driver

S1 E2
Oct 9, 2000
Johnny Knoxville sprains his ankle attempting to jump the L.A. River. Dave England and Ehren McGhehey combat urban sprawl by taking a kayak to a new extreme level. Steve-O swallows a goldfish and then pukes it back up minutes later.

Bam Kicking His Dad's Ass All Day Today

S1 E3
Oct 16, 2000
Bam Margera puts a new spin on abuse and pummels his father all day long. Chris Pontius and Mike Kassak get wild in the dunes of Los Osos with some Mexican snowboarding. Johnny Knoxville employs a professional stuntman.

Poo Poo Platter

S1 E4
Oct 23, 2000
Johnny Knoxville dons a diaper and takes on a professional sumo wrestler. Chris Pontius gets up to the devil's business with a goofy Satan costume. Bam Margera wakes his parents up at 2 AM with a rousing death metal set.


S1 E5
Oct 30, 2000
Chris Pontius terrorizes the late night denizens of LA, Johnny Knoxville creates the world's first "Beekini" and Ryan Dunn tempts fate and a thousand other micorbial diseases by immersing himself in a tank of raw sewage.

Poo Joust

S1 E6
Nov 6, 2000
Johnny Knoxville gets back to his redneck roots and takes on the meanest bull in town, Mr. Mean. Chris Pontius and Wee Man dramatically increase the kookiness at a local Renaissance Fair.


S1 E7
Nov 13, 2000
Chris Pontius puts on his best leopard print G-string to wrestle some alligators in Florida, and Johnny Knoxville lets the winds of peace rush through his body and out his rectum at a yoga class.

Santa Colonic

S1 E8
Nov 20, 2000
Professional snowboarder Dave England bares it all on the slopes with a clear vinyl rain suit. Dressed as Santa Claus, Johnny Knoxville gets in the spirit of giving and doles out fried chicken.