Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Sloth Bear's Dilemma

S1 E1
Aug 15, 2019
Follow a mother sloth bear and her two cubs as they forage for enough food to make it through the crushing dry season.

Rana, Queen of the Jungle

S1 E2
Aug 22, 2019
Raising a family is never easy, but this Bengal tigress will do everything she can to take care of her three cubs.

Wild Horses of the Himalayas

S1 E3
Aug 29, 2019
High on the treacherous Himalayan plateau, an old stallion faces the toughest year of his life.

Growing Up Gibbon

S1 E4
Sep 5, 2019
Leap through the trees with Samar, an eight-year-old gibbon, as he prepares to leave home and start a family of his own.

Land of the Secret Rhino

S1 E5
Sep 12, 2019
At seven feet tall and over 4,000 pounds, the Indian rhino is one of the country's most iconic--and vulnerable--animals.

Youngsters of the Desert

S1 E6
Apr 9, 2020
In the Thar Desert, even young animals aren't spared the harshest of challenges. Can this callow cast come out on top?

Rajan: A Monkey on a Mission

S1 E7
Apr 16, 2020
The choice is stark for these lion-tailed macaques: stay in the trees and go hungry, or court danger in search of food.

Temple Monkeys on the Run

S1 E8
Apr 23, 2020
An ambush drives a troop of Hanuman langurs away from their temple garden home and into an unforgiving urban landscape.

Nagaina Queen of Kings

S1 E9
Apr 30, 2020
A king cobra waits for her eggs to hatch. But as her hunger grows, so too do her cannibalistic urges.

Path of the Matriarch

S1 E10
May 7, 2020
An elephant herd seeks water and food at the Kabini River, site of the largest rally of Asian elephants on the planet.