Season 1

Episode Guide

Day One at The Bar None

S1 E1
Jun 2, 1996
When horse crazy Bradley arrives at the Bar None ranch, everyone thinks she's a great guest. Ted McGriff's efforts to impress Bradley backfire.

Battle of the Sexes

S1 E2
Jun 9, 1996
Who's a better rider, a better cook, better at catching fish -- Ted and Danny or Melody and Bradley? They agree to disagree in a comical "Battle of the Sexes".

Ted's Saddle

S1 E3
Jun 16, 1996
Ted's selfishness and desire for a saddle that once belonged to John Wayne get him in trouble.


S1 E4
Jun 23, 1996
Buddy Ernst finally finds something to like at the ranch, a yellow-maned pony named Goldilocks. When Buddy learns that his father plans to sell the horse, he and Goldilocks head out into the heat of the desert.

The Competition

S1 E5
Jun 30, 1996
Brad and Melody want the chance to lead overnight camping trips in the desert, but only one of them may do it. Who will it be?

Rehearsal for Romance

S1 E6
Jul 7, 1996
Sixteen year old Melody's fondest wish comes true when a "college man" asks her out on a date. Will she use Ted's ridiculous date-coaching to help her through this momentous evening?

Perfect Father

S1 E7
Jul 15, 1996
Ranchowner Ben Ernst never has time for his twelve year old son Buddy, but when two crooks try to rob the guests, father and son team up to save the day.

The Good, The Bad, The Obnoxious

S1 E8
Jul 22, 1996
One of Brad's snooty friends from private school shows up at the ranch, much to Brad's embarrassment.


S1 E9
Jul 29, 1996
Danny does some soulsearching when the ranch's well runs dry and he must decide whether to help his friends or remain true to his native American heritage.

Ted and Brad Get Handcuffed

S1 E10
Aug 2, 1996
Finally, Ted has the perfect scheme to be very, very close to Bradley. Only the scheme backfires.


S1 E11
Aug 9, 1996
The kids at the ranch suspect a ranch guest of foul play -- maybe even murder.

Employee of the Week

S1 E12
Aug 16, 1996
To encourage hard work and positive attitudes, Mr. Ernst sets up a competition to see who's the "Employee of the Week".

Pain in the Neck

S1 E13
Aug 23, 1996
Ted's fascination with girls sends Danny crashing to the ground from a tall ladder. Now it is Danny's turn to have Ted wait on him.