Season 2

Episode Guide

The Big Mis-Conception Episode, Part 1

S2 E1
Sep 15, 2003
During the planning of Charles and Big Dee Dee's anniversary party, Dee Dee feels bad that Mona has spent significantly less time with their father over the years and tries to rectify the situation, only to upset Mona. At the same time, Adam spills the beans about Spencer's true feelings toward Mona. However, when she goes to confront Spencer, Mona finds him in the arms of his new love, Camille.

The Big Mis-Conception Episode, Part 2

S2 E2
Sep 22, 2003
Conclusion: Dee Dee thinks her summer fling got her pregnant when a positive pregnancy test falls out of Big Dee Dee's purse, only to discover that the test belongs to Big Dee Dee. Mona confronts Spencer about not telling her about Camille and accepts his apology knowing he should love someone who reciprocates.

The Big Keep Your Eyes Off My Prize

S2 E3
Sep 29, 2003
Phyllis and Big Dee Dee set their daughters up with the same aspiring politician. The girls compete for his affections while their mothers encourage them to beat out their sister. When they decide to make him choose between them, and he chooses Mona, Dee Dee deals with being dumped for the first time in her life.

The Big Birth-Quake Episode

S2 E4
Oct 6, 2003
Mona dictates that she wants nothing for her birthday since the day is usually one of the worst of the year. Dee Dee decides to get the best present ever and Phyllis decides to buy her a car with Charles. When an earthquake hits, Dee Dee is trapped in the store with Spencer and Adam, Phyllis is trapped in an elevator with Charles and Mona is trapped in the laundry room with a pregnant Big Dee Dee.

The Big No Substitutions, Please' Episode

S2 E5
Oct 13, 2003
When Dee Dee starts to feel anxious about the new baby Mona encourages her to seek help from Phyllis. Dee Dee and Big Dee Dee bond over their fears about the baby's arrival. As Spencer spends more time with Camille, Mona tries to fill the void by throwing herself into work and dragging Adam all over town.

The Big Butting In Episode

S2 E6
Oct 20, 2003
When Mona encourages her mother to start dating again, Phyllis joins her daughter's social circle; Dee Dee helps her father evict a tenant.

The Big Foot in My Mouth Episode

S2 E7
Nov 3, 2003
Mona discovers a potential new talent (Tamyra Gray); Dee Dee thinks she has found the perfect man (Kiko Ellsworth).

The Big Forbidden Fruit Episode

S2 E8
Nov 10, 2003
Dee Dee discovers Phyllis' perfect new boyfriend is actually married.

The Big College Admission Episode

S2 E9
Nov 17, 2003
After years of claiming to be nothing more than friends, Spencer and Mona are shocked when Spencer’s cousin Chauncey is hired at Delicious Records and recalls the night in college when he caught Mona and Spencer having drunken sex. Meanwhile, when Spencer’s girlfriend Camille catches him shopping for lingerie with Mona, Camille becomes suspicious of their romantic history.

The Big Bitter Baby Show Episode

S2 E10
Nov 24, 2003
Big Dee Dee’s baby shower turns cold when Mona feels her confidence has been betrayed after learning that Dee Dee has told her cousin Barbara that Mona’s relationship problems stem from her mother’s bitterness. Meanwhile, Spencer wants to fit in with Camille’s high-society friends, so he agrees to let Adam and his friends give him a metrosexual makeover.

The Big How The Ex Stole Christmas Episode

S2 E11
Dec 15, 2003
At Charles and Big Dee Dee's Christmas gathering, Mona gets upset that Spencer decides not to attend and Dee Dee is shocked when the ex-boyfriend she invited reveals he is engaged. Phyllis' date, a loveable "mall Santa" turns into a sexed-up lothario, and once the costume comes off it is up to Charles to step in and put an end to his groping.

The Big Double Date With My Mate Episode

S2 E12
Jan 12, 2004
When Camille sets Mona up with her best friend Roger, Mona thinks she may have met "the one." However, the bubble bursts when Roger admits he is in love with Camille. Meanwhile, Charles and Big Dee Dee have decided to keep the sex of their baby a mystery.

The Big You're Not The Boss Of Me Episode

S2 E13
Feb 9, 2004
A new boss is hired at Delicious and does some downsizing. After re-interviewing, Spencer keeps his job but Mona is promoted. The two try to deal with how to remain friends not that their professional roles have changed. Big Dee Dee tells Dee Dee that she can pick the baby’s name but she can’t come up with one that won’t be ridiculed.

The Big Love Is Here & Now You're Gone Episode

S2 E14
Feb 16, 2004
After Camille returns from a work trip in London, she decides to move home and tells Spencer she is leaving. While recording a lullaby birth announcement CD for Big Dee Dee, Mona finds a love interest in the sound engineer, Nick.

The Big I Haven't The Vegas Idea Episode

S2 E15
Feb 23, 2004
Aurora, a friend of Dee Dee's who is visiting (after recently undergoing gastric bypass surgery) catches Spencer's eye. Adam is upset that everybody but Spencer and his new date are canceling on his Vegas birthday bash. By telling Spencer and Aurora that while they were drunk the night before they got married, Adam ensures all of his friends will come to Vegas to sort out the mess.

The Big Labor of Love Episode

S2 E16
Mar 1, 2004
When Big Dee Dee goes into labor and a very pregnant doctor fills in for her regular doctor, the differences between Mona and Dee Dee are highlighted as Mona remains calm while Dee Dee gets hysterical. Charles misses the birth as he is on a retreat in the woods led by a motivational speaker.

The Big Type Cast Episode

S2 E17
Mar 29, 2004
When Dee Dee decides to date against type and goes out with a real tough guy, she ends up on a wild adventure doing things she'd never imagine she'd do, including riding a motorcycle, a mechanical bull and escaping a bar brawl. Meanwhile, when Big Dee Dee’s primadonna behavior drives away the perfect nanny, she's left to care for the baby on her own.

The Big Good Help Is Hard To Fire Episode

S2 E18
Mar 29, 2004
Mona discovers that her new vice president title comes with new, sometimes unpleasant, responsibilities as she's forced to fire her friend and assistant Adam at the request of her boss Kai, but after the painful deed is done, Kai admits that it was a case of mistaken identity, leaving Mona to swallow her pride and rehire Adam.

The Big Practice What You Preach Episode

S2 E19
Apr 12, 2004
Using her womanly charm and baking skills, Phyllis competes with another female parishioner for the heart of the single and handsome Pastor Adams, who is christening Big Dee Dee's new baby boy, Drew. Meanwhile, Mona and Dee Dee pull out all of the stops and their credit cards as they compete to be Drew's godmother

The Big Employee Benefits Episode

S2 E20
Apr 26, 2004
Dee Dee runs into a former college rival at a job interview, where she'll do anything to beat her rival, including using her feminine wiles to land the job. Meanwhile Kai, the new boss at Delicious, and Spencer go out on a dinner date.

The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Rides Again Episode

S2 E21
May 3, 2004
Dee Dee and Mona compete to see who can give the best gift on Mother's Day, but they wind up tarnishing the day with their materialism.

The Big Fetish What You Started Episode

S2 E22
May 10, 2004
Dee Dee rekindles an old flame; Spencer tries to convince a musician (Billy Dee Williams) to sign a contract with Delicious Records.

The Big Rules Of Engagement Episode

S2 E23
May 17, 2004
Despite going to great lengths to impress Nick's parents (guest stars Meredith Baxter and Martin Mull), Mona learns from Dee Dee that they don't approve of interracial relationships, but when she attempts to confront Nick about it, he stops her short with a marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Phyllis fears her relationships may be jinxed and hides her new boyfriend from family and friends.

The Big Lover, My Brother Episode

S2 E24
May 17, 2004
Dee Dee's overzealous attempts to help Mona bounce back from her recent broken engagement unintentionally drive Mona into Spencer's passionate arms. Later, after running into Dee Dee and Mona, Phyllis is forced to bring her new boyfriend Ray to a family dinner where a few questions by Spencer reveal his shocking history.