Season 3

Episode Guide

Mission Black Rhino

S3 E1
Oct 13, 2019
It's the busiest week of the year at the Black Rhino Protection Centre. Apson, a young female rhino, has wandered beyond the sanctuary's boundary into the danger zone, where poachers roam. Meanwhile, Kango, the park's resident male, has reached the age of maturity. Before Apson can be returned to safety, the park's staff must capture Kango and release him back into the wild. Black rhinos are highly endangered, so the team must do whatever they can to ensure the safety of both.

Carnivore Rescue

S3 E2
Oct 20, 2019
In the largest wilderness in Zambia, apex predators are increasingly under threat from poachers and human encroachment. Now, biologists are in a race against time to protect these carnivores. Join them in the field as they track down elusive cheetahs, put new tracking collars on endangered wild dogs, and perform emergency surgery on a snared lioness. It's dangerous work, but thanks to the Zambian Carnivore Project, the future's looking brighter for these top predators.