Season 1

Episode Guide

The Good Son (Pilot)

S1 E1
Sep 16, 1993
Psychiatrist Frasier Crane returns to his hometown of Seattle to host a radio talk show, but soon discovers he could use a shrink himself when his disabled father moves in.

Space Quest

S1 E2
Sep 23, 1993
Fed up with a lack of privacy at home and at work, Frasier decides it's time for his father to move out.

Dinner At Eight

S1 E3
Sep 30, 1993
It's a culinary culture clash when Frasier and Niles join their father for dinner at his favorite restaurant.

I Hate Frasier Crane

S1 E4
Oct 7, 1993
After trading barbs with a newspaper columnist, Frasier rises to the challenge of a fist fight.

Here's Looking At You

S1 E5
Oct 14, 1993
Frasier plays matchmaker for his father and the eligible bachelorette Martin spied through his telescope.

The Crucible

S1 E6
Oct 21, 1993
Frasier is furious when he learns that his newest art purchase is actually a fake.

Call Me Irresponsible

S1 E7
Oct 28, 1993
Frasier faces a personal and professional dilemma when he begins dating the ex-girlfriend of one of his radio show callers.

Beloved Infidel

S1 E8
Nov 4, 1993
When Frasier and Niles see their father dining with an old family friend, they conclude that Martin once had an affair with the woman.

Selling Out

S1 E9
Nov 11, 1993
When Frasier is lured into doing on-air endorsements, his professional credibility comes under fire.


S1 E10
Nov 18, 1993
When Frasier contributes to the rumor mill, he causes Bulldog to lose his job.

Death Becomes Him

S1 E11
Dec 2, 1993
When a seemingly healthy colleague dies unexpectedly, Frasier becomes obsessed with his own mortality.

Miracle On Third Or Fourth Street

S1 E12
Dec 16, 1993
When his son cannot spend the holidays with him, a melancholy Frasier learns the true spirit of Christmas from a group of strangers.

Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast?

S1 E13
Jan 6, 1994
Martin is furious with Frasier when he spills the secrets of his father's love life on the air.

Can't Buy Me Love

S1 E14
Jan 20, 1994
Frasier looks forward to a hot date with a beautiful model who "bought" him in a celebrity bachelor auction.

You Can't Tell A Crook By His Cover

S1 E15
Jan 27, 1994
After Frasier claims he can spot a criminal in a crowd, Martin challenges him to identify the ex-con in his poker group.

The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

S1 E16
Feb 3, 1994
After finding a long-lost letter of reconciliation from Frasier, Lilith comes to Seattle and tries to rekindle their relationship.

A Midwinter Night's Dream

S1 E17
Feb 10, 1994
Niles faces the ultimate temptation when he and Daphne are trapped in his home during a violent storm.

And The Whimper Is

S1 E18
Feb 17, 1994
When Frasier's show is nominated for a local broadcasting award, Roz suggests they "persuade" the judges by plying them with gifts.

Give Him The Chair

S1 E19
Mar 17, 1994
Frasier learns that sentiment is more important than style after he accidentally loses his father's old armchair.


S1 E20
Mar 31, 1994
Panicked at the prospect of growing old, Frasier seeks solace in the pursuit of a pretty young woman who shows an interest in him.

Travels With Martin

S1 E21
Apr 14, 1994
Frasier's attempts at a father-son vacation turn into an outrageous road trip, with Niles and Daphne along for the ride.

Author Author

S1 E22
May 5, 1994
Frasier and Niles attempt to join forces on a book, but wind up doing more fighting than writing.

Frasier Crane's Day Off

S1 E23
May 12, 1994
While home sick with the flu, Frasier becomes paranoid that everyone, including his own brother Niles, is out to take over his show.

My Coffee With Niles

S1 E24
May 19, 1994
When Niles asks Frasier if he's happy after his first year back in Seattle, the question opens up a comical and revealing family dialogue.