Season 2

Episode Guide

Psycho-Ass Beach

S2 E1
Jul 9, 2018
The gang reunites in Panama City where Aimee enjoys her newly single status, Nilsa looks for a nice guy, and Kortni gets territorial.

Dirty But Worth It

S2 E2
Jul 16, 2018
Nilsa gets jealous when Gus hooks up with a girl from the bar, familiar tensions between Codi and Jeremiah return, and a toothpaste prank creates drama.

To Hunch or Not to Hunch?

S2 E3
Jul 23, 2018
Nilsa and Gus realize that they aren't looking for the same thing after their kiss, Aimee struggles with a hangover, and Gus's birthday gets derailed by a pair of bar fights.

Miss La Vela

S2 E4
Jul 30, 2018
Kirk faces possible assault charges after a bar fight, the housemates hunt for summer jobs, and Candace and Nilsa enter the Miss La Vela bikini contest.

More Than a Boo Thang

S2 E5
Aug 6, 2018
The guys start working at Shore Dogs, Candace finally agrees to go on a date with Codi, and Kortni's boyfriend lashes out at her.

Sex, Lies, and Caution Tape

S2 E6
Aug 13, 2018
Codi tells Candace that he used Aimee to make her jealous, Kortni finds out that Logan has been lying to her family, and Candace's boyfriend plans a visit to Panama City.

Boo-thang Blues

S2 E7
Aug 13, 2018
Drama unfolds after Candace announces that her boyfriend is coming to visit, and Logan becomes increasingly territorial over Kortni's relationship with Jeremiah.

The Faint Blue Line

S2 E8
Aug 27, 2018
A pregnancy scare pushes Kortni and Logan's already toxic relationship to the boiling point, Gus tries to help Codi get in shape, and Candace works things out with Gator.

There's No C in Disease

S2 E9
Sep 3, 2018
After Aimee returns, Kortni confronts the house with her pregnancy test results and takes steps to mend her and Candace's friendship.


S2 E10
Sep 10, 2018
The roommates throw Kortni a no-baby baby shower, Candace opens up to her roommates, and Jeremiah gets a phone call from home.

Girl, Bye

S2 E11
Sep 17, 2018
The roommates support Jeremiah as he deals with the death of his grandfather, but during a night out, Nilsa gets drunk, which leads to a big fight with Aimee

A Thin Line Between Hunch and Hate

S2 E12
Sep 24, 2018
Gus finds it hard to resist Nilsa's continued advances, a Mermaid Academy trip brings the girls together, and the gang tries to keep Kortni from falling for Logan's gift.

Scorn in the Bayou

S2 E13
Oct 1, 2018
On a trip to New Orleans, Gus and Nilsa's "friends with benefits" agreement is put to the test, and Candace confronts a physical altercation with Gator Jay.

Reservations for Eight

S2 E14
Oct 8, 2018
The guys and girls go their separate ways on Bourbon Street after Gus and Aimee's fight, and when they're back in Florida, Logan turns up at the bar.

Impubescent Clown

S2 E15
Dec 3, 2018
The roommates come together for Kortni when Logan continues to show up and she feels threatened, and Gus gets candid about his painful past.

Girl Code Red

S2 E16
Dec 4, 2018
Nilsa plays matchmaker for Aimee, Kortni learns troubling news about Logan, Candace questions her future with Gator, and Nilsa continues to pursue Gus.

Hunch Punch

S2 E17
Dec 6, 2018
Things get complicated between Gus and Nilsa after they hook up, and Kortni tells Jeremiah she has feelings for him.

A Whole Lotta Yikes

S2 E18
Dec 13, 2018
Nilsa copes with Gus's playboy ways by getting drunk with Aimee, Candace struggles to break things off with Gator, and Kortni is frustrated by Jeremiah's cold shoulder.

Let's Taco 'Bout It

S2 E19
Dec 20, 2018
Determined to let loose in Mexico, Kortni and Jeremiah clear the air, Nilsa and Gus flirt with strangers (and each other), and the girls compete in a twerking contest.

Too Late For Apologies

S2 E20
Dec 27, 2018
Nilsa tries to play it cool as Gus plays the field in Cabo, Kirk makes things worse when Kortni has an emotional breakdown, and Candace gives Gus a drunk history lesson.

Not Nothing Physical

S2 E21
Jan 3, 2019
The roommates plan a beachside dinner for their final night in Cabo, Nilsa confronts Kortni about her relationship with Gus, and eavesdropping leaves Nilsa with an injury.

Meet the Buttses

S2 E22
Jan 10, 2019
The roommates' time in Cabo comes to an end, Kortni searches for a way to apologize to Nilsa, and Codi's parents travel to Panama City Beach for a visit.

You Had Me at Beer

S2 E23
Jan 17, 2019
With encouragement from his dad, Codi gets up the nerve to try and push things forward with Candace. Gus struggles with the feelings stirred up by the Butts' arrival. On a wild night at Ms. Newby's, Kortni finds a new make-out buddy.


S2 E24
Jan 24, 2019
Aimee faces the consequences of her fight, a difference of opinion causes conflict, and the girls put on a wild performance.

My Favorite Mistake

S2 E25
Jan 31, 2019
The roommates throw one last hurrah before Candace's early exit, Nilsa's past romance comes back to haunt her, and Aimee deals with the fallout of her drunken fight.

To Hunch or To Punch?

S2 E26
Feb 7, 2019
Nilsa tries to balance having two exes in the house, Aimee seeks a lawyer's help as her legal problems mount, and Gus is unsure of his future at the beach house.