Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Big Butts

S1 E1
Mar 8, 2005
Series premiere. Kirstie consults a diet guru who dispenses bad advice.

Charlie's Angels

S1 E2
Mar 15, 2005
Season 1. Kirstie lands a sequel role but is dogged by pregnancy rumors.

Holy Lesbo Batman

S1 E3
Mar 22, 2005
Season 1. Kirstie lands in jail with an ex-boyfriend who reveals he's gay.

The Koi Effect

S1 E4
Mar 29, 2005
Season 1. Kirstie's new diet involves being surrounded by small things.

Crack for Good

S1 E5
Apr 5, 2005
Season 1. Kirstie's addict brother suggests crack as a weight-loss method.

Cry Baby McGuire

S1 E6
Apr 12, 2005
Season 1. Merv Griffin sets Kirstie up with a rich friend who's a wreck.

Hold This

S1 E7
Apr 19, 2005
Series finale. Kirstie goes broke and schemes to land another TV deal.