Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Big Butts

S1 E1
Mar 07, 2005
In episode 101, the series premiere, John Travolta recommends a diet guru (Kelly Preston) whose bad weight-control advice to Kirstie includes bulimia; Kirstie pursues black men, believing they'll find her size alluring.

Charlie's Angels

S1 E2
Mar 14, 2005
In episode 102, Kirstie's battles of the bulge continue as she dodges rumors that her weight gain is due to carrying Kid Rock's baby, while trying to land a role in the big-screen action sequel "Charlie's Angels III."

Holy Lesbo Batman

S1 E3
Mar 21, 2005
In episode 103, Kirstie schemes to meet Gwen Stefani but instead finds herself in jail with her ex boyfriend who reveals himself to be gay.

The Koi Effect

S1 E4
Mar 28, 2005
In episode 104, Kirstie tries out a new diet theory which proposes that in order to get small, you have to surround yourself with small things.

Crack for Good

S1 E5
Apr 04, 2005
In episode 105, Kirstie's crack-head brother suggests that she start doing crack in order to lose weight, but Kirstie's dysfunctional parents try to intervene.

Cry Baby McGuire

S1 E6
Apr 11, 2005
In episode 106, Merv Griffin sets Kirstie up with one of his rich friends, who seems ideal at first but turns out to be an emotional wreck.

Hold This

S1 E7
Apr 18, 2005
In episode 107, the series finale, Kirstie discovers her bank account is running low on funds and schemes to get yet another lucrative deal from NBC.