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    Eight Days that Made Rome

    S1 E1 Hannibal's Last Stand

    Years after suffering a humiliating defeat to the Carthaginian Empire at the hands of legendary General Hannibal, Rome is determined to seek revenge. The next major battle would take place on the unforgiving deserts of North Africa on October 19, 202 B.C. This single day of combat set Rome on the path to greatness and exemplified the military muscle and ambition of the emerging empire. Join host Bettany Hughes as she examines the archaeological sites and remarkable finds associated with this seminal day in Rome's rise.

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Eight Days that Made Rome
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Award-winning historian Bettany Hughes is on a mission that will take her across Italy's ancient sites and into the psyches of the emperors, gladiators, and generals of the Roman Empire. Explore the rise and fall of one of history's most extraordinary reigns, defined by eight critical days. From the defeat of the Carthaginian Empire to Julius Caesar's crossing the Rubicon River to Constantine's conversion to Christianity, explore this remarkable period and meet its key figures.
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Eight Days that Made Rome