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    Disasters at Sea

    S1 E1 Trapped in Typhoon Alley

    Massive cargo ship MV Derbyshire, carrying nearly 160,000 tons of iron ore, is passing through the Northwest Pacific en route to Japan. Just a few days from her destination, a raging typhoon swallows up the ship and all 44 people on board. Witness the investigation launched by the family of the doomed ship's crew members, and see how their dogged determination for the truth uncovered a shocking problem potentially affecting an entire fleet of bulk carriers.

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Disasters at Sea
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Stories of humans against nature, heroism in the face of catastrophe, and deadly secrets buried at sea. Witness some of the most harrowing shipwrecks in modern history, presented through immersive firsthand accounts of the disasters and marine investigations that followed. From cruise liners to bulk carriers to fishing boats, we look back on the final moments of these doomed vessels and those who sacrificed it all to try to save their ships and their crews.
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Disasters at Sea