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    Digby Dragon

    S1 E1 Runaway Scottie/Dragon Rock

    When Mungo accidently starts up Scottie with Archie on board, Digby realizes that he has the chance to prove himself as an intrepid hero. Saving Scottie and Archie is far harder than he bargained for. When Digby tells his friends that they need to go to Peek Rock to see a special event, Grizel and Mungo decide they have to get there first.

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Digby Dragon
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Kind-hearted dragon-in-training Digby has a thirst for adventure, which often lands him in some unusual situations. But Digby is able to overcome the trouble he faces as his bravery and determination help him tackle any obstacle that gets in his way. That makes him a good preschool companion to friends Grumpy Goblin, Fizzy the fairy and Chips the squirrel. Like in most friendships, there are sometimes squabbles between the buddies but they always come back together to go on spellbinding adventures with one another.
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Digby Dragon