Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

New York

S1 E1
Nov 7, 2023
Nick explores the birthplace of hip hop in order to answer the controversial question "Were Latinos co-founders of Hip Hop?


S1 E2
Nov 7, 2023
Nick heads to Panama: home of the Panama Canal, Reggae en Español (the direct ancestor to Reggaeton), and international superstar Sech.

Puerto Rico

S1 E3
Nov 7, 2023
Reggaeton has become a mainstream phenomenon taking the world by storm. But Reggaeton wasn't always welcomed. The genre and its artists were once criminalized. Nick travels to Puerto Rico to unpack the evolution of Reggaeton on the island.


S1 E4
Nov 7, 2023
Nick heads to Cuba where hip-hop was once viewed as a cultural invasion from the US. Through his conversations, he learns about the evolution of rap Cubano, and how artists created their own distinct sound on an island cut off from the outside world.


S1 E5
Nov 7, 2023
Nick goes to Spain, where the hip-hop scene exploded after the end of the fascist dictatorship. Through his travels in Granada, Madrid, and Barcelona he witnesses how Spanish artists are fusing hip-hop with other forms of traditional music, like flamenco.


S1 E6
Nov 7, 2023
Medellin is home to some of Reggaeton's biggest stars like Karol G and Nicky Jam. Nick seeks out how Reggaeton made its way from Puerto Rico to Medellin, and then travels to Cartagena where he dives into Colombia's very own Afro Beat: Champeta.


S1 E7
Nov 7, 2023
Nick returns to Argentina to find a booming Urbano industry rooted in rap battles, genre fusions, and an independent spirit.


S1 E8
Nov 7, 2023
Nick travels to Mexico and explores how youth culture aren't letting go of traditional music but instead they're infusing it with rap and Reggaeton.