Season 3

Episode Guide

Game Changers

S3 E1
Feb 27, 2022
A look at experimental ships and revolutionary designers that changed the tide of war over the centuries.

The Battle of Trafalgar

S3 E2
Mar 6, 2022
A comprehensive look at the Battle of Trafalgar, from the huge ships involved to its key players, Admiral Horatio Nelson and Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Battle of Incheon

S3 E3
Mar 13, 2022
A comprehensive look at the world's last great amphibious invasion, the 1950 Battle of Incheon, and the combat ships that led the assault.

Gulf War Warriors

S3 E4
Mar 20, 2022
A look at key naval battles that have taken place in the Persian Gulf over the last 50 years and the warships involved, from both sides of the conflicts.


S3 E5
Mar 27, 2022
High-tech investigations help solve some of maritime warfare's most mysterious and remarkable ship sinkings.

Top Guns

S3 E6
Apr 3, 2022
A look at how navy weapons have evolved over the centuries, from cannons to gun turrets to nuclear missiles and beyond.

Fast and Furious

S3 E7
Apr 10, 2022
A look at Naval warfare's fastest combat ships and how the advantage of speed determined the outcome of some of the great seas battles of the last 150 years.

River Raiders

S3 E8
Apr 17, 2022
A look at riverine warfare from the Civil War to Vietnam and the small but powerful combat ships that led important "brown water navy" missions.