Season 1

Episode Guide

DNA Profiling

S1 E1
Jun 18, 2012
DNA profiling has redefined forensic investigation. Witness two landmark cases in the history of genetic profiling. As science evolves, the ability of genetic profiling to help solve homicides continues to grow.


S1 E2
Jun 25, 2012
One crime baffled a small Argentina town; the other held the entire state of California hostage. The thread that links these two cases occurring 100 years apart? Both murderers were done in by their own hand.

Skeletal Secrets

S1 E3
Jul 2, 2012
Illinois has played host to two of the most grisly murder cases of the last century. One involved the Sausage King of Chicago and the other the Killer Clown. Both cases were solved thanks to the victims' bones.

Insect Evidence

S1 E4
Jul 9, 2012
Explore two grisly murder cases, years apart, which appear to have little in common at first glance.

Proving Poison

S1 E5
Jul 16, 2012
Join our investigation as scientists, detectives, and criminal historians trace the poisonous compounds and indispensable tools of crime fighting.

Smoking Guns

S1 E6
Sep 8, 2012
One case saved a man from the electric chair and another put an end to a sniper's murderous rampage.