Season 2

Episode Guide

One Too Many Mornings 3:4-8

S2 E1
Oct 1, 2007
Season 2 premiere. Tommy and Michael struggle to maintain their powers.

Down In The Flood 3:5-6

S2 E2
Oct 8, 2007
Season 2. Tommy campaigns without Eileen; an estranged cousin appears.

The Lonesome Death Of ... 4:7-8

S2 E3
Oct 15, 2007
Season 2. Colin helps Michael and Eileen cope with an unexpected death.

Not Dark Yet 3:5-6

S2 E4
Oct 22, 2007
Season 2. Rose sows family unrest; Freddie employs Declan as a negotiator.

Dear Landlord 1:3-4

S2 E5
Oct 29, 2007
Season 2. Tommy struggles to stay on track without his support network.

True Love Tends To Forget 1:1-4

S2 E6
Nov 5, 2007
Season 2. Michael maneuvers for power; Tommy cleans up a bad neighborhood.

Only A Pawn ... 1:7-8

S2 E7
Nov 12, 2007
Season 2. On election day, the entire Caffee clan rises to Tommy's defense.

Shelter From The Storm 1:1-2

S2 E8
Nov 19, 2007
Season 2. Michael feeds Franklin information that keeps Freddie in jail.

Call Letter Blues 1:2-6

S2 E9
Nov 26, 2007
Season 2. Rose walks out on her family's Thanksgiving Day preparations.

Things Have Changed 1:7-8

S2 E10
Dec 3, 2007
Season 2. Tommy makes a big political play; Michael's marked for death.