Season 2

Episode Guide

Hitler's US Election Plot

S2 E1
Oct 27, 2020
Discover newly unearthed secrets about a plot hatched by a U.S. oilman and the Nazis to keep FDR from being reelected.

The Klan Makes a Movie

S2 E2
Jan 12, 2021
Follow a film historian as he unravels the mystery of a silent era movie apparently made by the notorious hate group.

Madam President

S2 E3
Jan 19, 2021
Did Edith Wilson become a surrogate president after her husband's stroke in 1919? See what recently found evidence says.

Vampires in America

S2 E4
Jan 26, 2021
See how a silent, invisible, and very real threat turned 19th century New England farmers into vampire hunters.

Southern Women Union Spies

S2 E5
Feb 2, 2021
Did two female spies from Virginia actually help the North win the Civil War? Historians hunt for the truth.

George Washington's Secret Love

S2 E6
Feb 16, 2021
Witness the events--both political and romantic--that turned George Washington from British loyalist to American icon.