Season 2023

Episode Guide

12/21: America Decides

S2023 E131
Dec 21, 2023
2023 in Washington: What did and did not happen; How the Biden campaign aims to win back voters in 2024

12/20: America Decides

S2023 E130
Dec 20, 2023
Biden: "No question" Trump supported insurrection; Does Biden still have voter backing for 2024 win?

12/19: America Decides

S2023 E129
Dec 19, 2023
How voters are responding to recent remarks from former President Donald Trump; Services held for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

12/18: America Decides

S2023 E128
Dec 18, 2023
Senate delays recess to work on aid, border deal; How rest of GOP field looks to combat Trump

12/14: America Decides

S2023 E127
Dec 14, 2023
Lawmakers race to finish aid, security bill; How Dems plan to address concerns over Pres. Biden

12/13: America Decides

S2023 E126
Dec 13, 2023
House set to vote on Biden impeachment inquiry; Trump has massive lead ahead of Iowa Caucuses

12/12: America Decides

S2023 E125
Dec 12, 2023
President Biden meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at White House amid stall in aid; How lawmakers are responding to Zelenskyy’s visit.

12/11: America Decides

S2023 E124
Dec 11, 2023
How voters view Biden's grasp on economy, war; How Senate disagreements are blocking aid package

12/7: America Decides

S2023 E123
Dec 7, 2023
Senate fails to advance foreign aid bill; IRS whistleblowers testify in Hunter Biden probe

12/6: America Decides

S2023 E122
Dec 6, 2023
Suspect dead after mass shooting at UNLV; McCarthy to retire from Congress by end of 2023

12/5: America Decides

S2023 E121
Dec 5, 2023
White House urges Congress for more aid to Ukraine; Why Republican 2024 presidential debates matter even if former President Donald Trump is absent.

12/4: America Decides

S2023 E120
Dec 4, 2023
U.S. Navy intervenes after Red Sea ship attack; How Fmr. Rep Cheney sees future of GOP leadership

11/30: America Decides

S2023 E119
Nov 30, 2023
Israel, Hamas cease-fire gains one day extension; Why Burgum is steadfast on staying in 2024 race

11/29: America Decides

S2023 E118
Nov 29, 2023
Status of extension talks in Israel-Hamas cease-fire; President Biden confirms American hostage released by Hamas.

11/28: America Decides

S2023 E117
Nov 28, 2023
CIA Director Bill Burns returns to Qatar to push for release of more Hamas-held hostages; Atlanta tribute service honors Rosalynn Carter

11/27: America Decides

S2023 E116
Nov 27, 2023
Israel, Hamas extend cease-fire for two more days; How Rosalynn Carter's life will be remembered

11/22: America Decides

S2023 E115
Nov 22, 2023
Vehicle explosion near border at Rainbow Bridge; Sixty years since JFK's assassination in Dallas

11/21: America Decides

S2023 E114
Nov 21, 2023
Trump's poll leads stir GOP consolidation pressure; the impact of Rosalynn Carter on first ladies' duties.

11/20: America Decides

S2023 E113
Nov 20, 2023
Biden to deploy immigration officers to Panama; First Lady welcomes Christmas tree to White House

11/16: America Decides

S2023 E112
Nov 16, 2023
Rep. Santos says no to N.Y. reelection bid; Biden compares Trump to Mussolini, Hitler

11/15: America Decides

S2023 E111
Nov 15, 2023
Biden, Xi Jinping to talk economy, global tension; Risks of Biden's abortion, immigration stances

11/14: America Decides

S2023 E110
Nov 14, 2023
Reports of Capitol Hill scuffles amid government shutdown threat; Rep. Andy Kim enters New Jersey Senate race as Sen. Bob Menendez's reelection bid remains unclear.

11/13: America Decides

S2023 E109
Nov 13, 2023
Speaker Johnson pushes proposal as shutdown looms; How Sinema's plans could shake up Senate majority

11/9: America Decides

S2023 E108
Nov 9, 2023
What's on Biden's plate: Gaza pauses, Syria strikes, UAW; Why Trump gains traction with GOP's Latino voters

11/8: America Decides

S2023 E107
Nov 8, 2023
Cameron among major GOP losses in 2023 election; 3rd GOP debate to focus on Middle East conflict

11/7: America Decides

S2023 E106
Nov 7, 2023
Voters head to polls in off year election; Gov. Sununu discusses 2024 GOP primary

11/6: America Decides

S2023 E105
Nov 6, 2023
Trump maintains commanding GOP lead ahead of 2024; Can Gov. Reynolds' support boost DeSantis in Iowa?

11/2: America Decides

S2023 E104
Nov 2, 2023
Trump promises immigration crackdown if elected; Who gets both Pence and the conservative vote now?

11/1: America Decides

S2023 E103
Nov 1, 2023
Rafah crossing partially open to people fleeing from Gaza; How American communities define the U.S. gov't

10/31: America Decides

S2023 E102
Oct 31, 2023
Calls for ceasefire as IDF strikes refugee camp; How Idaho abortion law rattles patients, doctors

10/30: America Decides

S2023 E101
Oct 30, 2023
Fighting intensifies as Israeli troops enter Gaza; Assessing the 2024 Republican field for president

10/26: America Decides

S2023 E100
Oct 26, 2023
Manhunt persists after Maine gunman kills 18; Mike Johnson least experienced House speaker since 1880s.

10/25: America Decides

S2023 E99
Oct 25, 2023
Mike Johnson's election brings House speaker saga to a close; How 2024 GOP campaigns will build off speaker decision.

10/24: America Decides

S2023 E98
Oct 24, 2023
Rep. Tom Emmer drops out of House speaker race; Have 2024 GOP candidates inched closer to Trump in polls?

10/23: America Decides

S2023 E97
Oct 23, 2023
At least 9 GOP lawmakers vying for speaker opening; How GOP is reacting to Trump filing in N.H.

10/19: America Decides

S2023 E96
Oct 19, 2023
Odds of Jordan, McHenry snagging House power; Putin visits Xi in Beijing to reaffirm partnership

10/18: America Decides

S2023 E95
Oct 18, 2023
Another House vote ends with indecision on speaker; House dysfunction reminiscent of 1839 Dems & Whigs

10/17: America Decides

S2023 E94
Oct 17, 2023
GOP attempt for new Speaker fails with Jordan vote; What Biden's Israel trip aims to achieve

10/16: America Decides

S2023 E93
Oct 16, 2023
Israeli troops at Gaza border expecting ground war; How 2024 GOP hopefuls fundraised in third quarter

10/12: America Decides

S2023 E92
Oct 12, 2023
Scalise's speaker ambitions face critics in GOP; Is Burgum up to the challenge of facing Trump in 2024?

10/11: America Decides

S2023 E91
Oct 11, 2023
Speaker vacancy puts key issues in House limbo; State of world order amid several global conflicts

10/10: America Decides

S2023 E90
Oct 10, 2023
Israel, Hamas exchange rocket fire; Why Hurd backs Haley for 2024 after dropped bid

10/9: America Decides

S2023 E89
Oct 9, 2023
Israel orders siege of Gaza, fighting intensifies; What GOP voters want from next House speaker

10/5: America Decides

S2023 E88
Oct 5, 2023
Scalise & Jordan enter bids for House Speaker; DeSantis touts law enforcement's backing in Florida.

10/4: America Decides

S2023 E87
Oct 4, 2023
Standstill follows House speaker chaos; Who voted to oust, keep Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker and why.

10/3: America Decides

S2023 E86
Oct 3, 2023
How McCarthy's ousting alters House dynamics; How Biden '24 takes Hunter legal woes into account

10/2: America Decides

S2023 E85
Oct 2, 2023
Fmr. Pres. Trump in court for N.Y. trial; CA Gov. Newsom taps Butler to fill Feinstein seat

9/28: America Decides

S2023 E84
Sep 28, 2023
Strain on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Congress to avoid shutdown; Why the story of FBI double-agent Robert Hanssen intrigues.

9/27: America Decides

S2023 E83
Sep 27, 2023
Trump fills his debate absence with Mich. speech; Newsom on Biden 2024, DeSantis, Calif. crime bill

9/26: America Decides

S2023 E82
Sep 26, 2023
How 2024 hopefuls position themselves with unions; Early voters indifferent to Trump debate absence