Season 5

Episode Guide

Episode 580

S5 E1
Dec 19, 1998
Amanda orders a new cast member who arrives in a delivery box. Miss Piddlin enters her world famous peas in the cook off. Vital Information. Janitor Gaseous and Principal Pimpell stake out the hall water fountain. Ask Ashley.

Episode 581

S5 E2
Jan 9, 1999
Amanda and Leon have dug a hole to China. Ray Borealis is in the North Pole giving a weather report, while Brenda is in the studio. Vital Information. Pierre Escargot. Insane imposter Hall Monitor. Don't Do This at Home. School Dance Play-By-Play.

Episode 583

S5 E3
Jan 23, 1999
Danny and Kenan enter the green room and everything is in black and white. You Can't Win. Vital Information. Ask Ashley. Music Class on a Budget: The children's instruments are replaced by commonplace items. Leroy and Fuzz.

Episode 585

S5 E4
Feb 13, 1999
Josh plays chess with a giant carrot. Miss Piddlin and some students go camping. Vital Information. Desert Weather Report. The Best Friends Forever Show: A game show where you let something terrible happen to your best buddy in order to win prizes.

Episode 586

S5 E5
Feb 20, 1999
Amanda gets a vicious "attack killer turtle." Jimmy Bond vs. Dr. Maybe. Vital Information. Have a Nice Day with Leroy and Fuzz. Seymore reacts to a tennis match between two awful players. Career Day. Don't Do This at Home.

Episode 587

S5 E6
Mar 13, 1999
Mark, Danny and Amanda play Simon Says. The Inconvenience Store: Latanya and Lateesha give customers a hard time. Vital Information. Tilly wants to show her science project, but Ms. Klump only calls on other students. Pierre Escargot. Ask Ashley.

Episode 589

S5 E7
Mar 20, 1999
Danny's mother embarrasses Danny and beats up Kevin. Superdude vs. the Dairy Godfather. Vital Information. Stuart the Crazy Postal Worker. Ms. Klump demonstrates first aid techniques using injuries that she inflicts on her students as examples.

Episode 590

S5 E8
Mar 27, 1999
After a hundred years, today is the day the time capsule can be opened. The Spice Boys. Vital Information. Have a Nice Day. The Mayor of Los Angeles shows up to congratulate the cast on the one millionth use of the word cheese. Mars Weather Report.

Episode 591

S5 E9
Apr 10, 1999
Amanda beats the Cosmic Crusher game. Detective Dan: Robbed. Vital Information. The Date Game: Clay Spackle introduces three lucky bachelors to Bethany Sinclair in hopes of her getting one great date. Show and Tell: Juicer.

Episode 594

S5 E10
May 8, 1999
All That is an all-kid sketch comedy series created Brian Robbins, Dan Schneider and Michael Tollin. The cast consists of seven diverse and multi-talented kids who become colorful characters that are integrated into various sketches.

Episode 595

S5 E11
Nov 13, 1999
Luigi the Baker sends the cast 100 pies. Faculty Physical Training: Principal Pimpell hires a fitness expert to shape up the faculty. Vitak Information. Mack and Jack in the Classroom. Pierre Escargot. Have a Nice Day with Leroy and Fuzz.

Episode 596

S5 E12
Nov 6, 1999
The kids find an old treasure map and search for treasure in the green room. The art teacher ask the class to paint him but makes it extremely hard. Vital Information. Seymour Reacts to Stuff. What Everrr. Don't Do This in School. Pierre Escargot.

Episode 597

S5 E13
Oct 16, 1999
Everyone switches Kevin's words around. A sketch is interrupted several times by an audience member who demands the performers change it. Vital Information. Timmy brings home a stray rock star. Seymour Reacts to Stuff. The Spice Boys.