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    S2 E1 Cracks in the System

    A sunny day in Miami Beach, 2005, turns tragic when a seaplane crashes into the water in front of hundreds of tourists. All 20 people aboard the flight are killed, including a VIP of Bacardi, Ltd. The rum company's outspoken stance against the Cuban government brings the FBI into the investigation, but the reasons behind the crash prove far more troubling. Unravel the mystery of Chalk's Ocean Airways Flight 101, and see how the first fatal incident in the airline's history ultimately grounds the company for good.

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Air Disasters
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Catastrophic incidents in aviation history are meticulously re-enacted, providing insight into what went wrong and if the crashes and near-disasters could have been prevented. Accounts from survivors combine with cockpit recordings and computer images to weave the gripping tales, and expert testimony reveals the hows and whys behind the events, some of which have resulted in important changes to aviation safety and regulations.
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Air Disasters