Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Utopia or Deuteranopia

S1 E1
Aug 8, 1995
Trevor installs an all-pervasive surveillance system, but Aeon discovers that he has a dirty secret of his own.

Isthmus Crypticus

S1 E2
Aug 15, 1995
Trevor Goodchild’s latest obsession is a female exquisite being which he keeps locked away in a secret chamber. Will Aeon foil Trevor’s plans once again?


S1 E3
Aug 22, 1995
Aeon and Trevor engage in a contest of wills over the fate of a pair of lovers separated by the border.

A Last Time for Everything

S1 E4
Aug 29, 1995
In cloning Aeon, Trevor discovers she is more than just her physical parts.

The Demiurge

S1 E5
Sep 5, 1995
Aeon Flux and the Monican resistance force have captured the Demiurge, a powerful god-like being, and prepare to send it into space to rid the Earth of its influence. The Breens, led by Trevor Goodchild, battle to prevent the launch…


S1 E6
Sep 12, 1995
Aeon must undo the effects of a successful mission when she learns that its accomplishment is harming an innocent victim.


S1 E7
Sep 19, 1995
Aeon’s battle against Trevor is overshadowed by a threat to both of them from a mysterious and ancient evil force.

Ether Drift Theory

S1 E8
Sep 26, 1995
Trevor’s experiments in artificial life forms are contained in an ecosystem called the Habitat. An ocean of paralytic fluid protects it from the intrusion of outside influences.

The Purge

S1 E9
Oct 3, 1995
Aeon is on the trail of the ill-mannered criminal brute Bambara, and she fears she has been implanted with a behavior-modification program designed by Trevor.

End Sinister

S1 E10
Oct 10, 1995
Aeon chases Trevor into the future and, a thousand years later, they are finally alone together.