Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Buckley's Goat

S1 E1
Jan 16, 2020
With Davis as his cornerman, Roback goes toe-to-toe with Sasquatch. The medics rescue a wounded Corporal Buckley in the village. Alvarez gets some upsetting news from home. Major Holloway treats an unwelcome patient. Roback and Durkin continue their secret affair. Roback, Davis and the unlikely companion, Private Petrocelli return to the village to inquire about a potentially lucrative endeavor with the Warlord and have a run in with SecCorp. Petrocelli finds a new friend in a lost goat.

Finger Lickin' Good

S1 E2
Jan 22, 2020
Roback, Davis, Petrocelli and his sidekick goat make their way back to base through treacherous desert and discover a covert SecCorp operation deep in the hills of Afghanistan. Roback inadvertently gets his hands on something that Sasquatch wants. Alvarez's problems back home find their way to Colonel Austin's desk. Major Holloway takes special interest in one of her patients. Roback makes a grand gesture to help out Alvarez, complicating things with Durkin.

Daddy Issues

S1 E3
Jan 29, 2020
Petrocelli puts his life on the line for Boz, his beloved goat. Tasked by Major Holloway, Roback, Davis, and Alvarez go on a mission to find Qasem and bring him back to base. In their attempt to locate Qasem they are forced to strike a deal with the Warlord, and in doing so, find the perfect opponent for Sasquatch if they can just convince him to get back into the ring. Davis goes to Chef Gale with the hashish as collateral to get the fight back on. Chef Gale says there's no fight until he sees their mystery heavyweight. Roback and Durkin discuss the future of their relationship. Alvarez gives Roback one last chance to back out of their arrangement.

Trouble in River City

S1 E4
Feb 05, 2020
The crew responds to an attack outside the wire during which Roback makes a promise to send a wounded soldier's love letter home. Alvarez tries to get Roback to finish their immigration paperwork following their wedding. Major Holloway continues caring for Qasem even after he's discharged from the base. Sasquatch won't fight until he gets what he wants, but Roback has no idea what that means. Davis parades the bodyguard around base to increase the odds for the big fight. The base-wide communications system goes down, which jeopardizes Davis' grand plans, as well as Alvarez's ability to learn more about her brother's situation back home. Petrocelli becomes an unlikely hero.

Pain Management

S1 E5
Feb 12, 2020
The base is the victim of a mortar attack prompting Major Holloway to send Roback and Davis on a dangerous mission to find morphine. Alvarez is forced to perform surgery on a stubborn Captain Hazara. In a remote Afghan village, Roback and Davis discover a SecCorp-guarded morphine processing plant where they meet the enigmatic Hans Ruegsegger. He has what they need, but won't budge on the price. Roback and Davis return to base then download Durkin and Colonel Austin on the situation before requesting to dip into the Army's reconstruction funds. When they arrive back at the morphine plant, they find it's been completely abandoned. In their return to the Black Hawk, they stumble upon a standoff between Hans, SecCorp, and the Taliban. Our gang suffers a great loss, but gains access to something that Sasquatch wants.

Fight or Flight

S1 E6
Feb 19, 2020
SecCorp puts the pressure on Colonel Austin who's forced to tell the gang they've been confined to base and tasks them with cleaning up the mortar attack. Roback finally gives Sasquatch what he wants. Durkin starts her stunt demo reel and comes to an unexpected realization. The Army replaces our flight crew with Pararescue Jumpers, the best in the business. Davis' problems back home are mounting. Major Holloway sets up a free clinic in the nearby Afghan village, but needs Qasem's help to accomplish her mission. Roback reveals his darkest secret to Alvarez. Durkin brings some new information to light that leaves Roback and Davis stuck between Chef Gale and their bet. The big fight finally goes down.

Mister Fix-It

S1 E7
Feb 26, 2020
The new Secretary of the Army pays a visit to the base and Roback, hoping to get the crew up in the air, offers to take him for a spin in the Black Hawk. Alvarez challenges the Secretary of the Army on his policies impacting her immigration status. Their tour in the helicopter turns into a dangerous situation when the crew is ambushed. Davis receives a final notice from the bank to pay off his mother's medical bills, forcing him to make a tough decision. Durkin confronts Sasquatch for throwing the fight. Major Holloway tells her family her tour has been extended. She tries to take her relationship with Qasem to the next level. Petrocelli makes a purchase he can't afford. Colonel Austin interrogates Roback on his After Action Report from the night Buckley died, digging deeper into SecCorp's covert operation.

Do The Right Thing

S1 E8
Mar 04, 2020
Roback, Davis and Alvarez traverse a minefield to reach a wounded Explosives Ordnance Disposal Technician. Out of options Davis is forced to sign a contract with SecCorp to save his family from financial ruin. Roback is shell-shocked that Davis is joining the dark side, which puts their friendship on the line. Petrocelli is on a mission to get his first service stripe and receives help from Durkin, dredging up all his mishaps. Major Holloway makes a disturbing discovery about SecCorp when she tests the village's drinking water. Colonel Austin warns Jennings against interfering with the village. Jennings tasks Sasquatch with clearing out the village by any means necessary. Durkin and Roback make a plan to be together.

No Good Deed...

S1 E9
Mar 11, 2020
Roback and Alvarez attend their Green Card Interview at Bagram Air Base, cementing their marriage for good. Durkin helps them track down the coordinates for the bag of reconstruction money they lost in Taliban country on their mission to bring morphine back to base. Davis tries to rescind his contract with SecCorp. Sasquatch divulges what's behind SecCorp's mining operation to dissuade Davis from leaving. Davis is torn since SecCorp offers the financial security his parents are depending on. Major Holloway's father visits the base and gives her a wake up call about her future. She ends her relationship with Qasem, and finds out that her husband Will has some secrets of his own. Roback's father's death comes back to haunt him.

Close Your Eyes and Jump

S1 E10
Mar 18, 2020
Roback, Davis, Alvarez and Petrocelli bravely venture into Taliban country to retrieve the bag of money. Instead, they find a long lost friend who leads them into a Taliban camp where they have to presume the money is hidden. Durkin and Sasquatch clear the air and he asks her to reconsider a future with him. Major Holloway confides in Captain Hazara about her divorce and what lies ahead, he reassures her she's doing the right thing. Roback and Alvarez deepen their connection, leaving things even more complicated with Durkin.