Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Jan 6, 1982
Christine demonstrates workmanship by shoveling dirt onto a wheelbarrow on the set.


S1 E2
Jan 6, 1982
The topic of transportation inspires conversations about cars, buses and airplane luggage while it grants Ross a special power by which to bother Christine.


S1 E3
Jan 6, 1982
Christine decides to go on strike.


S1 E4
Jan 6, 1982
The show finds Christine keeping vigilance by the studio phone in hopes that Nigel, her supposed boyfriend, will call.


S1 E5
Jan 6, 1982
For the show topic of fitness, Christine rides her exercise bike while Ross tries ways to get a family allowance check.

Safety First

S1 E6
Jan 6, 1982
With safety in mind, Christine advises viewers to be careful and mindful of many hazardous objects and situations (with redundant emphasis placed on wearing white at night).

Sexual Equality

S1 E7
Jan 6, 1982
With equality at issue, Brodie, Rodney and Lisa demand Christine share her hosting duties with them. Her easy agreement sounds like sweet victory till pies, normally destined for Christine, start flying their way.

Personal Hygiene

S1 E8
Jan 6, 1982
The subject of personal cleanliness inspires Christine to host the show while soaking luxuriously in her own bubble-filled bathtub.


S1 E9
Jan 6, 1982
The subject of smoking has the kids mostly ridiculing it for its foul smell and threat to health while trying to get some adults to quit.

Crime and Vandalism

S1 E10
Jan 6, 1982
The theme is juvenile crime and punishment with the set suffering a long, slow disappearance of equipment, personal apparel and, eventually, personnel.


S1 E11
Jan 6, 1982
Self-splatting pie addicts abound to comically lampoon the foolishness of drug addiction.


S1 E12
Jan 6, 1982
The show supports the position that healthy foods are good to eat as well as wear while junk foods are good for raising pimple farms.

Peer Pressure

S1 E13
Jan 6, 1982
For a show on Peer Pressure, two Peers from England's House of Lords come to belly-bump Christine while Kevin Schenk feels the pressure after he and Rodney drop a pier on his foot.


S1 E14
Jan 6, 1982
The show explores those things which enhance a person's physical appeal, such as makeup, deodorant, breath spray, beauty cream, perfumes and aftershave, and the like.