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Ben Scott
Steven Krueger
Played by Steven Krueger

Ben is the assistant coach and the object of many an unrequited crush.

Steven has spent a lot of time training with a number of renowned teachers in both Los Angeles  and New York and it wasn’t long before he started working, landing guest appearances in a number of TV shows and film projects. He caught his first major break in 2013 with the role of Josh Rosza on CW’s hit series, The Originals. While only scheduled for a handful of episodes, Steven quickly became a fan favorite and by the end of the first season he had earned a spot on E! Entertainment’s list of  “Top Ten Scene Stealers on TV”. From there Steven became a staple on the show for its entire five year run.  

In addition to working in front of the camera, Steven is eager to branch out into both directing and producing as his career continues to grow. Outside of the industry, Steven was a competitive tennis player for 16 years and spends as much time traveling both in the US and abroad looking for exciting outdoor challenges that include mountain climbing and long-trek backpacking.