Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Ranged Weapons

S1 E1
Mar 16, 2020
See how the pilum, the longbow, and the Minie ball dominated battlefields and made history.

Attack From Above

S1 E2
Mar 23, 2020
Follow military experts as they examine and test history's greatest weapons used in aerial attacks.

Close Combat

S1 E3
Mar 30, 2020
See what made the short sword, the war hammer, and the bayonet the go-to hand-to-hand weapons of their eras.

Weapons for All

S1 E4
Apr 6, 2020
An up-close look at the pike, the crossbow, and the AK-47 rifle.

Faster Than The Enemy

S1 E5
Apr 13, 2020
A look at the some of the fastest weapons of their day: the chariot, the sling, and the revolver.

The Power of Destruction

S1 E6
Apr 20, 2020
Explore the devastating effects of machine guns, grenades, and tanks, during and after battle.

War at Sea

S1 E7
Apr 27, 2020
A look at the destructive forces of Greek fire, cannons, and torpedoes over the centuries.

The Ambush

S1 E8
May 4, 2020
See what made three ambush weapons--the caltrop, the Dreyse needle gun, and the landmine--so efficient and deadly.

Deadly Inventions

S1 E9
May 11, 2020
See what made the scorpio, the longsword, and the Henry rifle legends of their time.

Civilians On The Battlefield

S1 E10
May 11, 2020
A look at three types of lethal weapons used against civilians over the centuries.