Season 2

Episode Guide

Chicago PD: Breaking The Code Of Silence

S2 E1
May 24, 2019
In the second season premiere episode, Alex Ferrer interviews a whistleblower who exposed corrupt officers who stole from drug dealers and planted drugs on innocent people.

Polygamy, Power and Profits: The Case Against the Kingstons

S2 E2
May 31, 2019
When a college student helps his girlfriend escape the influence of her polygamist family, he begins to suspect that they are committing massive fraud & they decide to take their evidence to the FBI.

SeaWorld: The Case Against Captivity

S2 E3
Jun 7, 2019
After years of working at SeaWorld, John Hargrove grew to believe that the forced captivity of the whales resulted in a host of serious and dangerous physical and behavioral issues. Now, he's decided to speak out and quit the job he once loved.

Doctors vs. Midwives/Cremation, Kickbacks and Corruption

S2 E4
Jun 14, 2019
Host Alex Ferrer investigates the dangerous insurance fraud at IU Health/Healthnet, and another case about kickbacks at a mortuary.

The Billion Dollar Back Surgery Scam: Patients in Pain and Peril

S2 E5
Jun 21, 2019
Host Alex Ferrer uncovers the secrets of the billion-dollar back surgery scheme, one of the most complex, and dangerous, schemes to defraud workers' compensation insurance in California state history.

Bunny's War/Opioid Lollipops

S2 E6
Jun 28, 2019
Host Alex Ferrer examines the case against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and a second story about a pharmaceutical company that illegally marketed addictive opioids for treatments not approved by the Federal Drug Administration, resulting in serious danger to patients, which allegedly including a number of fatalities.